How to get a residence permit: temporary and permanent

Residence permit – a document that confirms the identity of a person, and also allow non-residents to live in Ukraine. You can apply for a residence permit in Ukraine in several ways, while the types of residence permits vary.

More about types of residence permit

A permanent residence permit in Ukraine is issued once, it is unlimited. The term of registration takes up to 1 year, a citizen has the right to find work without obtaining a separate work permit.

A temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 6 months to 3 years. The registration process takes up to two weeks, while a citizen of another state cannot perform labor activities without additional obtaining a work permit. The period for which the certificate is issued depends on the purpose of the person’s stay in the state, for example, training, participation in the founders of projects, work in branches of foreign organizations, etc.

How to get a residence permit?

Before you obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, you must collect a whole set of documents.

The general rules for those wishing to obtain a residence permit are quite simple:

  1. The applicant must be in the territory of the state officially, legally.
  2. A non-resident must fulfill all the requirements for issuing a residence permit.
  3. The applicant should not have a valid criminal record in Ukraine.
  4. The validity period of an existing foreign passport must be at least 6 months from the date of the application for a residence permit.

The legislation also provides for certain categories with quotas:

  1. Conviction in a non-resident state;
  2. Medical report on the negative results of tests for the presence of infectious and narcological pathologies.

For foreigners who came to the territory of the Ukrainian state for permanent residence, the main factors in obtaining a residence permit will be a valid immigration permit. The issuance of this document is carried out by an authorized body – the State Migration Service.

For foreigners who previously resided on the territory of Ukraine with appropriate citizenship, and now have decided to terminate it, it will be necessary to provide permission to terminate citizenship, which is regulated by presidential decree.

Regardless of what kind of residence permit a non-resident receives, he needs to familiarize himself with the Constitution of Ukraine and fulfill all the requirements, since responsibility for violation of the established requirements will be regarded and punished in the same way as for citizens of Ukraine.

Residence Permit Procedure

The registration process consists of several stages:

  • consultation with a specialist and preparation of all necessary certificates;
  • ubmission of a package of grounds for obtaining consent to immigration;
  • waiting for a decision on obtaining permission (may take up to one year);
  • provision of documents for a residence permit;
  • decision-making by authorities to issue a document and obtain a certificate.

After a foreign citizen receives a residence permit, it is necessary to complete the registration of residence within one month.

Before obtaining a residence permit, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the rights that a permanent residence permit in Ukraine gives:

  • the right to reside in Ukraine without a period limitation;
  • the right to visit a country without setting limits on stay;
  • the possibility of employment without additional permits;
  • the ability to apply for a visa to visit another state without going to the state of a citizen;
  • the right to import a car without a customs tax payment process.

Previously, a paper book was a document confirming permits for a permanent residence permit, but now such a document is issued in the form of an ID-card, which is valid for 10 years.