Married agency services

Married agency services

Our company was founded with the aim of providing legal assistance to foreigners in Ukraine.

Currently, the immigration practice of UIP Ukraine ( includes various services for foreigners in Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad.

Initially, we focused on the services of registration of foreigners when entering for study in universities of Ukraine, as well as the provision of various legal for foreigners. Our migration service includes registration: residence permits, citizenship, registration, citizenship.


A separate service for us was legal assistance on registration of marriages between foreigners with citizens of Ukraine.

Thus, we helped to arrange several marriages in Ukraine for citizens of the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Russia.

We believe that such a direction of our activity as rendering assistance to foreign and Ukrainian citizens in the registration of marriages has great prospects and will be able to provide our group of companies (UIP Ukraine) with additional clients in other areas, for example, legal consulting, support of foreign investments in Ukraine, provision of externally -economic activities, migration services for foreigners in Ukraine.

We are against racism and for international partnership.

Our priority is to attract foreigners to Ukraine, to promote Ukraine as a country where it is convenient and safe to live, to create strong families, to invest in various business projects.

We believe that money comes after people and if foreigners go to Ukraine and create families here, this will positively affect the overall situation in the country and the investment climate.

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