History of the immigration practice

Immigration practice has become one of the key issues in the activity of the newly created lawyer Alexander Evsutin in 2008, the law firm Advocate-consulting Bureau EMP (www.donadvocat.com).

About company Immigration com UA

History of the immigration practiceThis was due to the experience of mr. Evsutin, which had been worked out in the regional prosecutor’s office earlier. in the area of ​​protecting the rights of citizens and conducting a special supervisory topic on combating illegal migration and trafficking in human beings, maintaining a charge for cases in this category (www.immigration-ukraine.com)

The beginning of the provision of services in this area was a mass appeal to a company of foreigners who lived in Ukraine and had difficulties in issuing documents about their stay in the country.

Basically, these were foreign students who had already completed their studies and they had a term of stay in Ukraine and they needed to issue residence permits on other grounds.

Students who had problems with unscrupulous “contractors” or universities also began to apply for the protection of their interests and representation before third parties. There were also clients – companies that recruit foreign students to Ukrainian universities and universities from different cities of Ukraine  (www.StudyInUkraine.in.ua)

From 2010 to the present time the company has developed a client base from foreigners who came to Ukraine for business organization, export and import of goods, purchase of real estate and other assets. Our lawyers constantly accompany foreign investments into Ukraine and foreign economic activities of their Clients (www.uip.com.ua)

In 2011, A.Evsutin became one of co-founders of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Migration lawyers and consultants of Ukraine”, registered in Kyiv. (www.migrant.org.ua)

At the same time, relations were established with lawyers – representatives in Canada, the United States, Russia (www.uip.com.ru), Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus. After that, a number of joint activities and migration processes were held.

There have been cases concerning the protection of foreigners in administrative, criminal and civil cases. For example, on appealing against the illegal actions of the border guard service on the prohibition of entry into Ukraine, illegal deportation, criminal cases on allegations of fraud against foreigners, civil divorce cases and property divisions.

Positive practice. Bailder of the judicial advocate’s protection of clients was canceled several illegal decisions of the border service to ban the entry of foreigners to Ukraine, several times illegally seized at the airport “Borispol” by the customs authorities funds returned to foreigners returned.

From 2012 lawyer personally A.Evsutin (www.evsutin.com) defended the interests of clients in obtaining visas at the embassies and consulates of Ukraine located in various countries: Pakistan, India, Iran, South Africa, Egypt, Greece (Albania), Mexico. Consuls often make unreasonable decisions to refuse to grant visas to Ukraine, violating the rights of foreigners, which requires an adequate legal response.

2013-2014. A.Evsutin  – visited Islamabad – the capital of Pakistan (a country in South Asia), where he opened the office of his company for the immigration of South Asian people to Ukraine.

2014. Mr. A.Evsutin  – Certified trainer of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine on the topic: Report of the heads of AAU departments in Donetsk and Lugansk regions located in the ATO zone, in part of supporting migration processes from the territory of Donbass.

In 2015-2017 mr. Evsutin was also an expert of the public council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, advising his members on the interaction with the Department of Consular Service and the Department of Foreign Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is still a member of the diplomatic mission “European Ukraine”.

2016 year. A.N.Evsutin  – visited the city of Lusaka – the capital of Zambia (a country in South Africa), where he opened the office of his company for the immigration of African people to Ukraine.

In 2017, lawyer A.Evsutin was one of the initiators of the creation and the head of the International Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

2018 – A.Evsyutin – visited 10 countries of the European Union and established relations with legal partners in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain on issues of migration and foreign investment in Ukraine.

Export and import firms, IT companies that attract foreigners to work in Ukraine are also serviced by our law firm. For these companies, in addition to issuing work permits, we also provide comprehensive services to protect them from outside raider attacks and theft from employees, we advise on taxation and corporate business structuring.

About company Immigration com UA

The Immigration Law Office was established in 2007. It provides assistance to foreign clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnipro (DP), Lviv (LV), Kharkiv (KH), Lugansk (LG) and Donetsk (DN) regions, Crimea (KR) and others regions of Ukraine.