Alexander EvsutinOur lawyer Association specializes in providing migration services consulting in Ukraine and abroad, and international business consulting.

Our specialists perform the complex task of design and the provision of legal stay of foreigners and persons without citizenship on the territory of Ukraine, the business organization of foreigners in Ukraine.

Accumulated over the years of experience and an existing network of offices and representatives our company gives the opportunity to provide services not only throughout Ukraine, but also in the countries of the Asia, European Union, North and South America, middle and far East.

Personal website of lawyer Alexander Evsutin:

All types of invitations to Ukraine:

  • Study invitation
  • Private invitation
  • Business invitation
  • Touristic invitation
  • Football invitation
  • Invitation for treatment from the hospital

Ukrainian visa support in any country.

Schengen visa:

  • Invitations to Poland
  • Invitations to Lithuania

Invitations to Russia

Invitations to Poland:

  • Touristic
  • Business invitation

Permanent resident permit in Ukraine in 45 days

Permanent resident permit after married in two years

Working permit in Ukraine (without job)

Study in Ukraine, admission from any university

Transfers from any university world wide to Ukrainian universities

Legalization in Ukraine

Solution of problems with residential documents

Especially for people who have already finished registration (without deportation and new visa D).

Extension of stay for students/visitors/employees

Address for students and residence (propiska) in apartments any district of Kiev.

For 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and permanent

Refugee status in Ukraine

Registration of business in Ukraine.

Identification tax ID number

International driver license/Ukrainian driver license

Resident permit in Latvia/Work permit in Poland

Bank statements for your account with any amount (for private invitation, or embassy)

Cancelation of deportation and a ban for the entry to Ukraine

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments

+38-063-911-06-40 (LifeCell)

+38-050-777-03-81 (Vodafone)

+38-096-444-63-04 (KievStar)


Below we all can discuss specific questions and describe your situation associated with immigration to Ukraine:


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