Immigration to Ukraine from Pakistan

Immigration to Ukraine from Pakistan

We think that Ukraine is the best country for immigration of citizens from Pakistan.

Why did we come to this conclusion. First, our first client was precisely a citizen of Pakitan who came to Ukraine to study in 2006 and he turned to us for help in solving various problems.

He has remained our constant kleint and is now conducting international business between Ukraine and Pakistan. Our classmates had the experience of living in Pkistan, opening a business in Paxitan and opening several business projects in Ukraine for Pakistani citizens, even who overwhelmed Ukraine from the UK.

We are very knowledgeable about the situation in Pakistan and we know the needs of our cleints from this country.

Pakistan is a very beautiful country where it is pleasant to live. But of course, if you compare it with Ukraine, then in Ukraine it is much better.

Pakistan has a problem with religious terrorism and barriers. Most Pakistanis are below the poverty line and are moloobrazovany.

Corruption in Pakistan is much higher than in Ukraine. However, Pakistanis like Rakhs like that in Ukraine it is possible to solve problems with the help of money, they consider corruption positive. The weather in Pakistan is much hotter than in Ukraine.

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Therefore, Ukraine is more profitable to stay longer during the year. In Ukraine, a bright population and Pakistanis like it. Many Pakistanis want to start a family and marry a Ukrainian. In addition, in Ukraine, Pakistanis can get a good education, for example, medical or computer science. They can use this education in Pakistan or Great Britain.

Many Pakistanis start business in Ukraine, as Ukraine is located in the center of Europe and the way from Asia to the EU goes through Ukraine. Therefore, it is advantageous to deliver goods from Pakistan to Ukraine, modify them in Ukraine and sell them to the EU or the USA.

Ukraine has an agreement and a free trade zone with the United States and the EU. In addition, Pascans who know the language well can work in Ukraine, for example, at call centers and earn from 700 to 2,000 dollars a month, selling various goods for residents of the USA, EU and South Africa.

We can easily earn in Ukraine from $ 2,000 by selling legal services:

There are other ways to earn money for citizens of Pakistan. But there is a problem, it is the difficulty of obtaining visas to Ukraine for citizens of Pakistan. But you can watch this on YouTube channel: