Residence permit for volunteers

Residence permit for volunteersFor the registration of a temporary residence permit, a foreigner or stateless person who has arrived in Ukraine for the conduct of cultural, scientific and educational activities on the grounds and in the manner prescribed by international treaties of Ukraine or special programs, as well as for foreigners or stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine in order to participate in international and regional volunteer programs or participation in the activities of organizations and institutions involved in volunteering activities in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Volunteer activity information “, the information on which is posted on the official web-site of the Ministry of Social Policy, is submitted by:

  • submission of the relevant state body responsible for the implementation of cultural, educational, scientific, sports, volunteer programs for participation in which a foreigner or stateless person has arrived in Ukraine;
  • or submission of an organization or institution that engages volunteers in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On volunteer activity”, information on which is placed on the official website of the Ministry of Social Policy and a certificate of state registration of such organization or institution (the original of the document is returned to a foreigner or person without citizenship, and to the application form, a copy of it, certified by an employee of the territorial body / territorial subdivision of the Ministry of Education and Science, authorized by the subject by inserting the mark “According to the original alum “and the signature indicating his position, surname, initials and date).

The Ministry of Social Policy, in accordance with the norms of the Law of Ukraine “On volunteer activity”, as the central executive body, implementing the state policy in the sphere of volunteer activity, fulfills a number of powers:

  • ensures the implementation of state policy in the field of volunteer activity;
  • takes other measures for the development and promotion of volunteering activities;
  • promotes the dissemination of information about volunteer activities;
  • promotes public associations and charitable organizations in their activities aimed at the development of volunteering activities;
  • disseminates information on the state of implementation of sectoral and regional programs for the promotion and support of volunteering activities;
  • publishes on its website available information on organizations and institutions involved in volunteering activities, in particular, information on organizations and institutions that involve foreigners and stateless persons for volunteer activities in the territory of Ukraine within three working days from the date of receipt relevant information;
  • contributes to the implementation of international cooperation on volunteer activities, generalizes and extends the practice of work in this area.

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