Permission for immigration through investments

The permission to immigrate to Ukraine is granted within the limits of the quota of immigration.Permission for immigration through investments

The quota of immigration is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the order determined by him according to categories of immigrants:

Including those who have made a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in a foreign convertible currency for the amount not less than 100 (one hundred) thousand US dollars registered in the manner prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

!!!Importantly!!! The quota for obtaining a permit for immigration to individuals who have made a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine for a sum not less than 100 000 USD, for 2017 is unlimited. Thus, the Certificate of permanent residence in Ukraine on the basis of a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine can be obtained under the same conditions as when obtaining a permit for immigration outside the quota.

To obtain an immigration permit, together with the application (form of application) of the established sample shall be submitted:

1) a copy of the document certifying the identity (confirms citizenship (citizenship) or status of a stateless person);

2) 8 photographs in the size of 3,5 x 4,5 cm;

3) a document about the place of residence (in Ukraine and abroad);

4) documented information about the composition of the family (copies of the birth certificate, marriage certificate, adoption documents, establishment of guardianship or guardianship, etc.);

5) a document issued by a medical and preventive institution that the person is not a patient with chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction or infectious diseases, the list of which is determined by the central body of executive power on health issues. Persons who permanently reside outside of Ukraine submit a document issued by a medical institution of the country of residence, which is subject to legalization in accordance with the established procedure, unless otherwise provided by international agreements.

According to the category of immigrants, the following documents are additionally submitted:

– for persons who have made a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in a foreign convertible currency for the amount of not less than 100 (one hundred) thousand US dollars registered in the procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – a copy of the document on the state registration of foreign investments in the Ukrainian economy in foreign convertible currency to the amount not less than 100 (one hundred) thousand dollars.

Documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign states are subject to legalization in the established manner, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine. Copies of these documents, as well as written confirmation of consent for immigration and guarantees of the receiving persons, shall be submitted by notarially certified. Documents whose details may vary, may be filed within six months from the date of issue.

If the person does not submit all the documents specified in this Law, the application for the grant of an immigration permit is not accepted. The term for considering an application for an immigration permit can not exceed one year from the date of its submission.

Procedure for registration The residence permit can be divided into the following stages:

Stage No.

  1. Entry into the territory of Ukraine for short-term visa C (in case of availability of visa procedure of entry with the citizenship country of a foreign citizen)
  2. Submission of documents for obtaining a permit for immigration
  3. Departure outside Ukraine to the country of citizenship and / or stay
  4. Receipt of the visa D (in the case of a visa application procedure with the citizenship of a foreign citizen) in the country of citizenship or permanent residence of a foreign citizen
  5. Entrance to the territory of Ukraine
  6. Direct filing and obtaining a permanent residence permit at the State Migration Service of Ukraine
  7. Registration of the place of residence and affixing the stamp to the permanent residence permit
  • We also receive a tax ID.
  • We will register for you a company.
  • We select for you a nominee or an active director – a citizen of Ukraine.
  • We issue documents for investment in the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine (for a period of two weeks)
  • Since a permanent residence permit is issued for up to one year, we will also arrange a temporary residence permit for one year.
  • We can also pick up and buy a property. We will check it for all possible databases, and we can accompany the agreement with the notary.
  • Our company is also engaged in servicing and managing real estate in Ukraine. We can provide these services to client.
  • We also provide legal and accounting support to the company.
  • We will also arrange the registration of an immigrant at the place of residence in Ukraine.
  • We will also advise and assist in obtaining “C” and “D” visas in Ukraine.


  1. Cash funds must be paid into the charter capital of the company. At the same time, cats can be brought personally to Ukraine, declaring them to the customs, or transfer from the personal account of a foreigner to his company account.
  2. After that, the company may use these funds in accordance with its investment plan. That is, without any restrictions. Including these funds can be purchased real estate, which will be issued for the company. Revenue from real estate will be paid to the company’s accounts.

A new Law of Ukraine On education

The Immigration Law Office was established in 2007. It provides assistance to foreign clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnipro (DP), Lviv (LV), Kharkiv (KH), Lugansk (LG) and Donetsk (DN) regions, Crimea (KR) and others regions of Ukraine.

4 Comments on “Permission for immigration through investments

  1. Can I stay 90 days in Belgium continuously?
    Hello, please tell me if I understand correctly the rule of stay in Europe for biometrics without a 90 for 180 visa: 2 weeks I was in Holland, then I was in Ukraine for 90 days, then again I went to Belgium, can I stay 90 days in Belgium continuously or need to deduct the number of days of the first trip?

  2. I’m a US citizen. How to calculate when you can call in Ukraine on visa-free travel?
    Hello. Was in Ukraine awaiting a decision on a temporary residence permit. The previous card is over, the passport is worth printing. Departed 18.11 on the usual passport. At the moment a new passport has already been made and issued. The question is, will I be able to get on a new passport for visa-free travel for 90 days?

  3. Hello.
    In accordance with paragraph 2 of the Rules of crossing the state border of Ukraine
    The crossing of the Ukrainian border by the citizens of Ukraine is carried out at the border crossing points and control points (hereinafter referred to as checkpoints), unless otherwise provided by law, by one of the following documents giving the right to leave Ukraine and enter Ukraine:
    1) a citizen’s passport for traveling abroad;
    2) a diplomatic passport;
    3) a service passport;
    4) the child’s travel document (valid for the period for which
    it was issued);
    5) the seafarer’s identity card;
    6) crew member’s certificate.
    Thus, the legislation of Ukraine does not establish the dependence of having a passport or an old sample on the right to cross the border. The visa-free regime with Ukraine and the USA provides for staying in the territory up to 90 days during the last 180 days at the moment of crossing the border, which means that if you have not used this limit, you can have the right to cross the border by passport for another 90 days.
    Border guards have access to a shared database, indicating when you submitted your application. Therefore, you will be able to return with a valid passport and indicate the purpose of the trip – tourism.
    We can also calculate exactly how many days you can stay in Ukraine. This is our service called Migration Calculator.
    Contact us by tel. +380504776383 and order this service.

  4. Good afternoon.
    Visa rules with the EU stipulate that you stay in the EU for no more than 90 days at a time without a visa.
    According to the Schengen Code, counting is called a “floating window”.
    The essence of which in every 180 days your stay should not exceed 91 days.
    Specifically for your example the calculation conduct as follows:
    – you are planning to leave Belgium for a specific date, count back 180 days and see how many you have been in the EU for those 180 days.
    The term should not exceed 90 days.

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