Working hours of the Migration Service during the New Year holidays.

During the New Year holidays, there are changes in the work schedule of government agencies. To plan a visit to the Migration Service of Ukraine during the holidays, you need to know:

  • Firstly, we advise you to take into account the changes in the work schedules of the State Migration Service during the celebration of Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar (December 25), New Year and Christmas according to the Julian calendar (January 7).
  • Also, I want to remind you that in order to minimize the time spent in the State Migration Service , you can always use the online services available on the official website of theState Migration Service, for example, pre-registration (electronic pre-registration
  •  You can check the current status of paperwork, using the electronic service “Checking the status of paperwork” (
  • We also ask you to remember that quarantine and restrictive measures related to the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continue on the territory of Ukraine, therefore we urge citizens to refrain from visiting the units of the Migration Service unnecessarily.

If the reason for contacting the If the reason for contacting the If the reason for contacting the State Migration Service is urgent, please follow all the anti-epidemic recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

1.use protective masks and disinfectants;

2. observe a safe distance between people and avoid contact with those who have signs of SARS;

3. you can also call to the State Migration Service by phone numbers (096) 915-0-28, (050) 138-29-11 or to the regional State Migration Service departments (current contacts are indicated on the official website at link:

We congratulate you with the upcoming holidays.

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