Why is a good residence registration necessary?


Registration (legally: registration at the place of permanent residence) – a mark (imprint of a stamp with a record) about the place of residence of a person and an entry in the accounting documents of state bodies.

Ukraine has attracted more and more foreigners in recent years. This situation is associated with several factors:

  • Low taxes (in one of our articles we told that Ukraine is a tax haven since it is in Ukraine that taxes are one of the lowest and a lot of foreigners consider Ukraine as a country of resident or citizenship precisely due to the fact that here they will be able to pay tax for their business which in some cases is several times lower than in their countries).
  • Good climate. Ukraine is a very good country in terms of the ratio of all possible sanatoriums and recreation places. So in Ukraine there are civil lakes, salt from which heals many people. In Ukraine, you can go on vacation to the Black Sea in the summer, and ski in the Carpathian mountains in winter, which not every country can boast of.
  • Value for money living. In Europe, in order to comfortably celebrate yourself, you will have to earn from 4000 euros per month, in Ukraine this amount is approximately 1000 euros.
  • Easy to build a business. A lot of IT companies start their way in Ukraine, because here you can find a good specialist for quite little money, which will help you to promote your business faster, cheaper and sometimes better.

For all these reasons, many foreigners come to Ukraine and stay here to live. But in order to stay and live in Ukraine, you will need to register your place of residence. Which will be tied to your residence permit. And today news has thundered about the fact that 1000 people were registered in one of the apartments in Kiev, which consists of 30 meters.

What does registration give?

A residence permit is needed for communication with the migration service, because this body sends its answers very honestly exactly at the place of residence. Also, if you applied for a temporary or permanent residence permit and were registered in such an anthill apartment, then 99.9% that you will be refused. Therefore, a clean address is very important, and very honestly, saving $ 100 will bring problems that are not worth the money. Be vigilant and find out where your immigration lawyer will register you.

Well, we, in turn, provide our clients with only the best quality services.

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