Ukraine surprises foreigners!

The BBC conducted a poll during which they spoke with representatives of the United States, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Japan, Pakistan, Canada and Mauritius.

 The first thing that attracts the attention of many foreigners is Character

In the character of Ukrainians, foreigners note sincerity and hospitality, these features are called all simplification by foreigners.


Also, many pay attention to the beauty of Ukrainian women, about whom the whole world listened.

Many characterize Ukrainian women as beautiful and warm-hearted women who are also good housewives.

A lot of foreigners are struck by expensive cars that are not rare in Ukraine.

One of the first questions they ask is where did the Ukrainians get the money for such expensive cars. They also note that chaos is happening on the roads, there is no question of some kind of respect between drivers

Here I, as a native of Ukraine, do not quite agree. Yes, our upbringing on the roads sometimes wants the best, compared to drivers in Europe, but nevertheless, the awareness and upbringing of many drivers in Ukraine is at a high level.

Also, foreigners do not forget about Ukrainian cuisine.

Quite a funny fact is that Ukrainian borscht in cans is now conquering Europe and is in rather high demand.

Many people note the quality and deliciousness of Ukrainian dishes, and especially the price for them. As many who took part in the survey said, the glory of Ukrainian dumplings reached their country, and in fact they are even tastier than they imagined.

Ukrainian nature and history

The history in Ukraine is fascinating, for more than 1,500 years Ukrainians fought for their independence from different countries, and only 30 years ago they received it. And the Ukrainians fought, for which Ukraine is famous for black soil and thanks to which it is called the breadwinner of Europe. For the mountains – the Carpathians, in which the Hutsuls lived and live with their families, for their UNESCO monuments and the Black Sea, whose ports accepted tens of hundreds of tons of imports. And also the Dnieper River, which proudly ranks 4th in Europe in length.

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