Ukraine is a very attractive country for investors

Our experts have repeatedly told about the potential of Ukraine and that investors with extensive experience see this potential and that is why they are investing in Ukraine.

The first half of 2021 recently ended, and most analysts and statisticians began to sum up the results of the work done, the state of the economy and compare for the same periods in 2020.

According to statistics, foreign direct investment in Ukraine in the first half of the year amounted to $ 2.83 billion, as reported by the Prime Minister of Ukraine – Denis Shmygal.

“In the first half of 2021, foreign direct investment in Ukraine amounted to $ 2.83 billion. Of this, $ 2.33 billion came from the countries of the European Union. Investment growth in the first half of the year is at a record level over the past 4 years,” the head of government said.

Denis Shmygal also noted that in 2021 additional incentives will be introduced for entrepreneurs, which should contribute to the growth of investment activity.

A comparison was also made of the export of Ukrainian products. There was a continuous growth in the export of Ukrainian products. In September, it increased by 38% and in 9 months amounted to $ 48.5 billion, which is 13.4 billion more than last year.

“To increase our exports, we are actively working on obtaining” industrial visa-free “with the EU, as well as on several agreements on a free trade zone,” the Prime Minister stressed.

He also said that in August, the Basic Industries Production Index (IBPI) increased by 6.4%, which is significantly higher than in July (in July, the growth of this index was 3 times less and amounted to 2.3%). This Index includes information on the main sectors of the economy and demonstrates the positive aspects of the dynamics of the noted sectors.

“Better recovery in economic activity was due to the growth of agriculture (growth was + 25%), strong consumer demand and growth in retail trade (in this industry, the increase was 10%), increased investment, as well as the growth of the construction sector and some important industries (metallurgy The growth of wages (+ 22%) also remains an important aspect

The head of government also said that the construction sector in August grew by 9% compared to August last year.

“Such an increase occurs both in the group of residential buildings and in the group of engineering structures (roads, communications, industrial facilities). State investments in the industry give an additional impetus to further growth,” said Shmygal

These statistics once again confirm the growth of the Ukrainian economy and its prospects for investment, because one of the main objectives of an investment is to make a profit.

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