The procedure for registration of the place of residence of foreigners in Ukraine

The procedure for registration / withdrawal from registration of the place of residence / stay of a person provided for by the rules approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 207 dated March 2, 2016. In accordance with the rules of registration / removal of registration of the place of residence / stay of a person is carried out by the executive body in the territory of the corresponding territorial unit, which is subject to the authority of the relevant city council (for example: CNPA – Center for the provision of administrative services).

Foreigners or stateless persons who permanently or temporarily reside in the territory of Ukraine are obliged to register their place of residence within 30 calendar days after the knowledge of the registration of the place of residence and arrival at the new place of residence. These rules also apply to aliens or stateless persons who have received a temporary residence permit. In this case, the foreigner must register his or her place of residence at the address indicated at the submission of documents to the State Migration Service of Ukraine as a temporary residence address. After registering a foreigner’s place of residence, this address is indicated on the temporary / permanent residence card.

Registration of the place of residence / stay or knowledge of the registration of the alien’s place of residence is carried out on the day of submission by the foreigner or his representative by the power of attorney of the documents and may take place simultaneously with the removal from the previous place of residence. It should be remembered that registration of a foreigner’s place of residence occurs only at one address, but the law does not establish restrictions on registration of a place of residence by several persons at the same address.

Necessary documents:

1) Statement;
2) A temporary / permanent residence permit in Ukraine (original for review, copy being served);
3) Original receipt of payment of administrative fee (13,60 UAH);
4) A document confirming the right to own a home, which is located at the address of the future residence of the foreigner (original for inspection, a notarized copy is submitted);
5) Original of the lease / rental agreement under which the registration of the place of residence is carried out;
6) Original of the power of attorney, confirming the authority of the representative of the foreigner or stateless person (Original for inspection, a notarized copy is submitted).

Also, it should be noted that for violation of the application deadline for registration (30 days) administrative liability is established in the form of a warning if the foreigner committed the offense for the first time. If during the year the offense has been repeatedly fined from 17 to 51 UAH.

According to the Registration Rules / Credits for registration of a person from the place of residence / stay, foreigners or stateless persons who do not reside at the registered place of residence for more than one month and who have unfulfilled property obligations imposed by administrative or judicial decisions, or call for a regular military service and have no deferrals, or participate in the trial in any capacity; in such cases, they are obliged to inform the relevant registration authority about their place of residence in writing I.

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