The Citizenship Of Ukraine

The Citizenship Of Ukraine

One of ways for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine through investment and getting the opportunity to live in Ukraine.
At the moment, obtaining a residence permit under this program, simplified.

Moreover, subject to certain procedures, it is also possible to get citizenship.
As is now well known Ukrainian citizenship is in demand from not only the citizens of Asia and Africa, but also the European Union and America.
The benefits of being a Ukrainian citizen and have residency in Ukraine for some business is very profitable given the opportunities to minimize their costs. And with the advent of the possibility to visit the Schengen zone without visas, and prospects of such opportunities in the near future to enter Canada and Israel, Ukrainian passport very quickly gaining weight. In addition, many of the countries of Ukraine can visit without visas or under the simplified e-visa (e.g., Mexico and India).
June 2017 Ukrainian citizens have the right to visa-free or simplified visa access for entry into 116 countries and territories of the World.
According to the visa restrictions index, ranking a Ukrainian passport 42nd in the world.
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