The adoption of the citizenship of Ukraine of a child

The adoption of the citizenship of Ukraine of a child who lives in Ukraine and one of the parents or another person who, under the this Law is her legal guardian and has permission to immigration to Ukraine is carried out without considering the conditions provided for in paragraphs –

1) the recognition and observance of the Constitution of Ukraine ( 254к/96-BP ) and laws of Ukraine;

3) continuous residence on legal grounds on the territory Ukraine during the last five years.

4) obtaining permission to immigrate.

5) knowledge of the state language or its understanding in volume sufficient for communication.

6) availability of lawful sources of existence.

Permission on immigration to Ukraine is not required if the legitimate representative of the child is the person who has been granted refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine or a foreigner or a stateless person, arrived in Ukraine for permanent residence before the entry into force The law of Ukraine “On immigration” and have the passport of a citizen of the former USSR of the sample of 1974 the mark of registration, or received a residence certificate in Ukraine.

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