Temporary residence permit in Ukraine from a volunteer organization

The Ukrainian government has decided that foreign volunteers may be able to temporarily reside in Ukraine for a period of one year and subsequently renew their status.

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dated July 15, 2013 No. 681 “On Approval of the Temporary Procedure for Processing Applications for the Registration of Residence Permits and Temporary Residence Permits”, foreigners and stateless persons have the right to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine from a volunteer organization.

Firstly, a volunteer organization should be included in the list of organizations and institutions involved in the activities of foreigners and stateless persons to conduct volunteer activities in Ukraine. Secondly, the institution must make an invitation to a foreigner on its official letterhead, indicating in which project the work of the future volunteer will be used in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On volunteering activities”.

It is imperative to take into account these conditions, as there are not isolated cases when foreigners who do not have grounds for legal stay in Ukraine become prey to fraudsters.

Our company specializes in migration law and provides foreign qualified legal services for employment in volunteer organizations of Ukraine. Together with us you will be able to receive all necessary documents in a short time and be sure that you will not be deceived.

After receiving an invitation to a foreigner in Ukraine, he must apply to the Ukrainian Embassy in the territory of his country to receive a “D” visa for a period of 90 days. This requirement does not apply to the citizens of the following countries: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Armenia, as the relevant international agreements were concluded between Ukraine and the above-mentioned states on the establishment of a visa-free regime between the countries.

After receiving a “D” visa, he needs to apply to the State Migration Service of Ukraine within fifteen days before the expiration of the visa, and submit the following list of documents:

• Statement;
• The original of the passport with a visa type “D”, which, upon presentation, is returned, and only copies to be translated into the Ukrainian language are accepted. The translation is certified by a notary;
• A petition of the host party (volunteer organization) indicating the project in which the foreigner will take part, indicating the term of the project, expressing the feasibility of involving a foreigner.
• Originals of the constituent documents of the volunteer organization, after submission, returns, and only copies are accepted;
• Medical insurance policy for a foreigner;
• Original receipt of payment of state duty;
• Four photos of a foreigner 3,5 х 4,5 centimeters;
• A copy of the registration number of the payer’s tax card issued by the bodies of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

This list of documents is necessary for the identification of a foreigner, and the conviction by the authorities of the State Migration Service of Ukraine that a foreigner is in Ukraine on legal grounds and did not violate the procedure for crossing the border, as well as the conviction by the employees of the State Migration Service of Ukraine that his purpose of staying in Ukraine, it is volunteering.

On the basis of documents received from a foreigner, the State Migration Service of Ukraine grants a foreigner a temporary residence permit for one year for a ten-day term. After obtaining a permit, the foreigner must apply for the administrative services for registration of his place of residence within 10 days. After the expiration of the validity of the permit, the foreigner has the right to submit documents for the extension of the period of the permit for temporary residence in Ukraine. In this case, the foreigner must apply to the State Migration Service of Ukraine with a complete list of documents 15 days before the expiration of the validity period of the permit.

It should be borne in mind that a foreigner must obligatorily make a replacement for a temporary residence when he is 25 and 45 years old. In this case, the bodies of the State Migration Service of Ukraine annul the preliminary certificate, seize it and provide a new one, as the corresponding entry in its foreign passport is made.

Are there any problems?

However, far from all volunteers are given visas, and to those whom I give, not all are given the opportunity to enter the country. and those who entered not all can get a temporary residence permit. The issue of paperwork must be approached professionally. We know how to solve these problems.

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