In our articles, we have repeatedly raised the topic of the real estate market in Ukraine, talked about its attractiveness, good and bad sides, and of course about the Ukrainian economy, in order to understand whether you will remain in surplus if you buy real estate.
Here comes a new year 2022, which means new expectations, predictions and results in all sectors of the Ukrainian economy, including real estate.

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Many people often think about investing and ask questions Where? How? When? Invest. Reason #1 Many people choose Ukraine due to factors one of which is a low property tax. The tax is about $ 2 per square meter per …

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Unfortunately, in our time such a phenomenon as divorce through the court becomes a social norm for our society. In this regard, the spouses have many legal issues, and one of them “how to share the property together”? The law …

Section of property of a spouse during divorce in Ukraine Read more »

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