Rules for visiting Slovakia and Moldova

More than once on our website, we raised the topic of the Coronavirus pandemic, how it affected the world, and what trends. We recently said that the borders in Spain and other European countries were opened for Ukrainian tourists. To visit Europe, a tourist from Ukraine will need either a negative PCR test or a vaccination passport, which says that this person received the second dose of the vaccine more than 14 days ago. Recall that not all vaccines are recognized in Europe, at the moment it is only Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer / BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson.


Summer is also a period for part-time jobs in Europe. According to an official statement, which was announced by the Bureau of the Border Police of the Slovak Republic, from July 21, restrictions on entry to the territory of Slovakia for citizens of Ukraine were canceled.

Now we can enter the Slovak territory without going through self-isolation, for 14 days, that is, the rules that were in effect before the introduction of quarantine came into effect

We would like to warn you that before the trip you would re-check this information at the Slovakian embassy ​​because, with the advent of the new Delta strain, many countries begin to close their borders and impose restrictions. So the Turkish authorities began to actively talk about stopping the tourist season because the epidemiological situation in this country is deteriorating very quickly.


Slovakia’s neighbor, Moldova, took a different path, and from July 19, 2021, the Moldovan authorities decided to strengthen precautions against Coronavirus infection.

The Moldovan authorities decided every Friday to publish a list of countries that are included in the red or green zone for the disease on COVID-19. Accordingly, these lists will be published every Friday, and they will come into force on Monday.

Those citizens who will come from green areas who have been in a green country for more than 14 days and have a negative PCR test done 72 hours before arrival will not be able to self-isolate for 14 days. If you do not have such a PCR test, you will be required to go through 14 days of self-isolation.

If you have completed the full course of vaccinations or you have an antibody test done no more than 90 days before arrival, and also come from a country that has been identified in the green zone, you will not need to go through 14 days of self-isolation in the absence of a PCR test.

Also, self-isolation is not needed for children under 6 years old and those who transit in Moldova for no more than 24 hours.

Those who will come to Moldova from the red zones will be required to undergo 14 days of self-isolation, except for those who have completed a full vaccination course more than 14 days ago or a document that confirms the presence of antibodies and was made no more than 90 days ago.

Also, if you are on self-isolation in Moldova, in this case, if you have a negative test for Coronavirus on the 7th day of interruption, your self-isolation can be completed.

The Moldovan government warns that if you have completed the full course of vaccination, then the document confirming this must be in Romanian, English, French, German, Italian, or Russian.

In the case of a trip to Slovakia or Moldova, we advise you to double-check all the information on the official websites of these countries to avoid incomprehensible situations when crossing the border.

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