Residence permit in Ukraine

How to apply for a residence permit?

Although sometimes a visa is not required to stay on the territory of Ukraine, in some cases it is necessary to have an identification tax code and residence card.

As a result of the foregoing, emphasis is placed on this process of applying for a residence permit.

It is worth noting that certificates (dedication) are documents that determine the status of a legal resident of Ukraine, they give you all rights as a citizen of Ukraine, except political rights, temporarily or permanently.

How to get a temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

The main ways of obtaining legal status in Ukraine.

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Steps for obtaining a residence permit

As for the residence card, this is a card that includes a photo, personal data and fingerprints. This document is required for various types of procedures, such as those in which you request verification of the current address in Ukraine.

In addition to the above, this card will be valid for one, three or more years, so after this period it must be received again. We also note that in Ukraine there is no discrimination of people depending on their citizenship and everyone receives the same documents about their stay in Ukraine. That is, even those who are not from countries belonging to the European Union, the United States or the countries of the former USSR will be granted a residence permit for the dates provided for by the bases and documents submitted. Usually, a residence permit is issued for a period of one year, which may be every year.

Of course, citizens of the EU, the USA, Canada, Russia, Belarus and some other countries will not need a residence permit in Ukraine if they do not want to stay here more than 90 days within 180 days. And for those who already have a residence permit, there is no need to register again until the document expires.

How to apply for accommodation?

You must go to the nearest migration service. It can be received in 3 weeks, although obtaining a permanent residence will take months.

As for the documents required for filing a residence permit, there is a “basic” list that must be followed. In any case, it may vary depending on the reasons for filing, so it would be ideal to check the information for each case.

Required documents for all applicants:

A valid passport with a D visa and marks indicating the legality of staying in Ukraine for a period of time before issuing a residence permit card. The original of the passport and its copy with the translation into Ukrainian.

The document giving the basis for obtaining a residence permit.

In some cases, will be requested:

Medical certificate depending on the country of origin, in addition to the recent place of residence.

For a family member who is Ukrainian or resident:

  • A document proving the identity or residence permit of a relative.
  • Medical insurance

There are special circumstances about which you will need to learn more, for example: if you are going to work for someone, or work independently, or if for students.

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A residence permit in Ukraine can be obtained through setting up your company and obtaining a work permit, through entering a university, through marriage with a Ukrainian, through having a child a citizen of Ukraine, through investing in your business, through volunteering, through marriage with an immigrant.
There are many problems in the embassies, at the border, in the migration service.
But it will all be solved.
Contact if necessary.


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