Receipt of a temporary residence permit on the basis of study in Ukraine by a foreigner

During the independence of Ukraine, one can see the tendency that many foreigners come to Ukraine in order to obtain higher education here. First of all it concerns professions in such fields as medicine, technical specialties, programming and IT technologies. Mostly it is foreigners from countries: India, China, Africa and CIS countries.

First of all, students (foreigners) need to come to Ukraine for a “D” type visa, submit the necessary documents to the educational institution for admission, and in the course of successful examinations and enrollment, refer the following documents to the territorial office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine:

– Statement;
– Passport of an alien with a visa type “D” (if available, for example, if a foreigner from the CIS countries). The original of the passport is returned after the inspection, and only the copies of the pages of the passport of the foreigner with the translation into the Ukrainian language are submitted. The translation is certified by a notary;
– Order of the educational establishment about availability of places for foreign students;
– Order of the educational establishment about enrollment in the training of a foreigner;
– A request from an educational institution which states an obligation to notify the State Migration Service of Ukraine about deductions from such an institution;
– Medical insurance policy;
– A receipt for payment of the state duty in the amount of 34.00 UAH, administrative service in the amount of 156.46 UAH, the cost of the form in the amount of 57.00 UAH;
– Four photographs of an alien in size 3,5 * 4,5 centimeters in matte paper (photographs in headdresses that do not hide the oval face of a person, citizens whose religious beliefs are not allowed to appear to third parties without headgear, may be allowed provided , if in their passport documents they are depicted in headgear);
– A copy of the certificate issued by the tax authority on the assignment of the registration number of the taxpayer (if available).

The above listed documents are filed by a foreigner personally, in case of illness or circumstances of force majeure, documents may be filed by a representative on the instructions. Upon receipt of documents by the territorial authorities, the State Migration Service shall, within fourteen days, decide to grant a foreigner a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. On the basis of the decision, the foreigner receives a certificate for a temporary residence in Ukraine. This document confirms the fact of legal residence of a foreigner in Ukraine for one year.

After obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, the foreigner must apply to the Center for the provision of administrative services for the registration of his residence within ten days, after which the address of the alien’s residence will be reflected in the certificate. In most cases, educational institutions provide foreign students with their dormitories to register their place of residence. Also, a foreigner can buy a residence in Kiev.

To extend the period of temporary residence permit in Ukraine, the foreigner must apply to the territorial office of the State Migration Service within fifteen days before the expiration of the validity of the permit.

In case of a foreigner from a higher educational institution, the latter must inform the State Migration Service of Ukraine. Bodies of the State Migration Service of Ukraine withdraw the certificate for a temporary residence in Ukraine, make corresponding documents on its removal and notify the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. After that, the foreigner must leave the territory of Ukraine within a month’s time.

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