Realtor services, activity in Ukraine and how to choose a realtor

Realtor services / activity in Ukraine and how to choose a realtor

From the beginning we will analyze who and what services are provided by real estate agencies.

The realtor is an individual entrepreneur or legal entity professionally engaged in intermediary activities in the conclusion of transactions of sale, lease of commercial and residential real estate by means of contracting partners and obtaining commissions.

Broker – Reseller. As a rule, he is professionally engaged in mediation in the purchase and sale of goods, securities, services, insurance, contributes to the conclusion of sales transactions through the construction of partners. In the USSR, mostly apartment brokers were known. In the time of the emergence of capitalism, most of them began to engage in real estate.

A broker is a legal entity or individual that carries out intermediary functions between the seller and the buyer. Also coordinates the work of realtors in the real estate agency.

All listed professionals in their professional activities should be guided by the applicable legislation regarding the provision of real estate services. The main normative and legal acts are the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On the State Registration of Real Rights to Real Estate and its Encumbrances”, etc.

As you know from the definition of “realtor” – its services include not only viewing apartments. Modern AGENCIES of real estate provide a wide range of real estate services in various spheres. Such, in particular. is:

– buying and selling, leasing real estate;

– search for sellers / buyers;

– legal support of the agreement;

– registration or registration of an object in state or other bodies;

– consultations on real estate transactions;

– assistance in obtaining loans;

– legalization of changes in real estate objects;

– independent expert evaluation of all types of real estate, consultations on the determination of the value of objects (house, cottage, apartment, land, building, premises, office);

– carrying out a complex of promotional activities aimed at promoting the object;

– advice on choosing an insurance company and real estate insurance issues (apartments, houses, cottages, buildings);

– preparation, reception and registration of a complete package of documents for all types of real estate operations.

How to choose a realtor right ?!

We modulate the situation, which is usually carried out the choice of the realtor: 1) call the realtor; 2) meeting with the realtor; 3) receiving answers to the questions asked; 4) making a decision on cooperation and / or rejection of a particular realtor’s candidacy; 5) signing a cooperation agreement or / or seeking another specialist.

Are the main and determining criteria for choosing their intermediary (realtor) in the real estate market – long experience, legal legal status, narrow specialization, recommendations of friends and acquaintances. But! Even the listed NONE gives you a guarantee of a quick and effective solution to the issue.

In order to avoid fraud or incompetence, the following should be taken into account:

– A skilled specialist can clearly and objectively outline the maximum achievable result at once. Therefore, as a realtor who will provide “rainbow” promises to the client, it will quickly start to exert pressure on the client, which will eventually end with a rupture of cooperation or a transaction on extremely unprofitable terms for the client. We must remember that the realtor can only offer, and the decision always accepts the client;

– Qualified realtor services can not cost a penny. Remember that a person who works for a minimum reward is most likely an unqualified specialist in his case;

– during all time, work with the realtor should be comfortable. Reeltor with sufficient experience first of all cares about the needs of the client, and not on the characteristics of the property (this is a secondary issue). Lower level specialists can impose your property and “run in front of the carriage” with the implementation of the transaction and its accompaniment, etc .;

– all the nuances that may arise with the work of the realtor (with the realtor) is better to discuss immediately. These can be – the benefits of a particular realtor over other realtors (number of closed deals, the number of repeated calls, etc.); 2) terms of purchase / sale (stipulated in advance with indication of actions in case of non-solution of the issue); 3) the number of objects with which the realtor works simultaneously (we must remember that if more than 3-5 objects are simultaneously working, the efficiency may be low), etc. It is best to consolidate all the points in the agreement so that there will not be any misunderstandings.

On the basis of all of the foregoing, one can conclude that if you do not have the time and the desire to independently deal with the real estate transaction, then the realtor is the first person to meet and to choose which should be approached thoughtfully and prudently.

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