Real estate market in Ukraine forecasts for 2022

In our articles, we have repeatedly raised the topic of the real estate market in Ukraine, talked about its attractiveness, good and bad sides, and of course about the Ukrainian economy, in order to understand whether you will remain in surplus if you buy real estate.

Here comes a new year 2022, which means new expectations, predictions and results in all sectors of the Ukrainian economy, including real estate.

Experts believe that until March 2022 on the primary market in Kyiv, the cost of economy and comfort-class housing will remain mostly unchanged. The peak in prices has already passed, and in the next 2-3 months the increase in the cost per square meter will only be spot-on – in individual projects.

At the end of 2021, the cost of housing in the primary market of the capital increased by 25-35%, depending on the quality characteristics of the residential complex and the activity of buyers. The highest price increases were recorded precisely in new high-quality comfort and business class facilities.

In addition to the rise in the cost of construction, which had a significant impact on pricing, the growth in the cost of a “square” was due to the high activity of citizens who bought housing at the initial stages of construction in order to save their own funds.

That is why, during 2021, the growth in demand in the primary market was 5-10% ahead of supply. This is one of the main “commercial” reasons for the rapid rise in the cost of housing, experts say.

As we can see, experts agree that the peak has already passed, which means that there will be further growth, but at a slow pace, which will affect stability. But we will ignore the surge in the real estate market in the second half of 2022, because not so long ago there were talks about allowing the demolition of houses that are close to emergency condition and which are more than 80 years old, and this will open up new locations for both the developer and investor.

We hope for the stability of the Ukrainian market, which will affect the stability of the Ukrainian economy, and also if you intend to buy real estate in Ukraine, contact the specialists who can check the developer and the site where your apartment will be located or located, because of dishonesty it is difficult to be insured, and it is better to check everything to be sure.

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