Opportunities in Arab countries

Time does not stand, but people move with it. It has been 1.5 years since the introduction of the lockdown around the world. During this year, all airlines suffered colossal losses, which were provoked by the cancellation of flights, a decrease in demand, and the closure of borders.

But now everything is coming back a little bit, many countries let tourists from Ukraine in if they have either a negative PCR test (done in 72 hours) or 2 vaccines against Coronavirus and have a vaccination passport.

The Arab countries also made it easier to enter and made comfortable conditions. So now there are direct flights of the Saudi low-cost Flynas. Flights of this company fly every day from Kyiv airport. This company also launched its direct flights from Lviv.

Ukraine and Arab countries have a visa-free regime, that is, when visiting an Arab country, you do not have to go to the embassy to obtain a visa and pay a fee.

“Our airline, together with Ukraine, has done a great job. Six months ago we started promoting advertising in Saudi Arabia, and we invited many Bulgarians to Ukraine,” says Abdulaziz Jamin Alshammari, General Director of the airline.

Nature, greenery, and temperate climate are what attract them the most in Ukraine. After 45 degrees in Saudi Arabia, even our +33 is quite comfortable for the Saudis.

Therefore, considering this direction for a beach holiday is very important, as well as for business. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that in recent times, Muslim countries are developing very quickly, thereby becoming very interesting for investment.

Also, many Ukrainian companies create flights to popular destinations, thereby supporting free choice for the consumer. If you are interested in investing in Muslim countries, you can contact our lawyers United International Partners, who will be able to assess the market, offer the best options for investment, and will be able to help prepare all the permits and help organize your business.

We will be happy to establish all the processes in your business, thereby we can speed up the moment when the business starts to generate income

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