On maternity leave, everyone, including dads.

For many years, discussions between men and women have been sharpening, the latter, in turn, choose equality. This is how feminists, who have a community in every big city, very fiercely defend their position on equality. The fact that in European countries has become the norm for life is only gaining popularity in Ukraine, and our deputies (who adopt laws) and committees, of course, cannot stand aside. Therefore, Ukraine and the legislation are marching by European trends.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, at the birth of a child, a mother could receive 14 days of paid leave to look after a newborn child, as well as a vacation of 6 months, which the mother of a newborn child could take without paying wages, but her job was retained for her. On July 7, it was decided to provide 14 days of leave for any family member to take care of a newborn child. This leave can be taken by any of the family members, namely: grandmother, grandfather, common-law husband, or husband according to the marriage certificate. These persons can take paid leave for 14 days one-time, but not later than 3 months from the birth of the child.

This bill was adopted on April 25, 2021, and entered into force on July 7, 2021.

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