News about Corona virus in Ukraine

In this article, we will discuss the latest news related to the well-known topic – Coronavirus pandemic, we will tell you what innovations may work soon. And also, what is there in Ukraine that is not present in other countries.

First news.

Due to the deterioration of the Coronavirus situation, many countries have begun to restrict indoor entry for people who have not been vaccinated. This example was followed by Greece, Russia, and many other countries. In these countries, to visit a shopping center, restaurant, or some other closed space, you need to have either a PCR test did no later than 72 hours in advance or a full course of vaccination. People also have a choice to sit outside in a restaurant (but this option is available only in good weather, you cannot sit outside in winter). As for Ukraine, this action plan was also stipulated, but the politicians took a different path.

Health Minister Viktor Lyashko announced a possible weakening of quarantine measures for those vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to him, even if a “red” level of epidemic danger is declared in the region, the Ministry of Health will allow cinemas, schools, museums, and other institutions to operate, provided that more than 80% of staff are vaccinated.

The minister noted that the most important thing for doctors is to avoid the collapse of the healthcare system. It is equally important to preserve the country’s economy because the salaries of medical workers and the purchase of drugs depend on it.

The second piece of news.

Over the past few years, Ukraine has begun introducing digital technologies into government agencies. In addition to the fact that it is now possible to communicate with the tax authorities in Telegram, the most fashionable word of 2020 is digitalization.

Also in Ukraine, they began to introduce various applications that should make the life of an ordinary person easier. One of these applications is “DIA”. The idea behind this application is that you have all the documents on your phone that are valid when presented. That is, if you are stopped by the police, you do not have to look for a wallet in your bag, but show your technical passport and license through the Diya application. Many countries are interested in this program, some are already at the stage of signing a contract for the development of such a program for their country, but the news is as follows. If a person has been vaccinated, he is issued by a family doctor with a certificate of full vaccination and, based on this certificate, such a person can receive a vaccination passport.

The Ukrainian COVID certificates in the Diya application have successfully passed the technical assessment by the European Union. This means that if you lose your passport or certificate, you can show it from your mobile device.

At present, the last step remains – the political part of mutual recognition, namely, the approval from the European Commission and the signing of the relevant agreements. After that, a memorandum will be signed that will allow Ukrainians to travel with certificates.

On July 2, the Cabinet of Ministers published a decree on the introduction of the so-called COVID certificate in Ukraine. Digital COVID certificates in Diya and their paper copies have the same legal force. The certificates indicate your data and the vaccine with which you were vaccinated.

I hope you enjoyed hearing the latest news, and I also want to remind you that our team of lawyers will always come to your aid.

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