New university in Ukraine

Our company United International Partners helps foreigners settle in Ukraine, we have helped dozens of clients to obtain residence permits, open their own business, get a job and obtain all permits. Several years ago we opened a new service, the meaning of which is assistance to foreigners with relief to higher educational institutions of Ukraine. We have concluded more than one agreement with universities, and many have already used our services for admission to Ukraine or for transferring from one university to another. Our lawyers are located in every corner of Ukraine, which is why we can provide services quickly and efficiently. On our website, we have repeatedly posted articles about universities in Ukraine, what are the conditions and prices for training.

Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the news of the creation of a new university.

According to the information, the presentation of the new educational institution is almost ready.

The institution will cooperate with Ukrainian research and research by partner states. The CyberCenter will involve Ukrainian, European and American analysts.

Also, according to the president, the issue of training specialists who will be involved in ensuring cybersecurity is being worked out. “We will open a new powerful university. A university that will have exactly professions related to the security of the state and human security. Cybersecurity is one of the main faculties of this university, “Zelensky».

We will continue to follow the news about educational institutions in Ukraine and education in Ukraine.

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