New rules for working in Poland

Summer begins, which means the earnings season opens, many will leave for Europe. The most popular country to work in at the moment is Poland. In connection with such popularity, the Polish authorities have adopted several innovations that will affect everyone who will cross the border in order to earn money.

The first innovation is that now everyone will be vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, thereby hoping to prevent a new outbreak of the Corona virus. This vaccine does not require re-vaccination after 2 weeks, thus facilitating the vaccination phase. That is, now, in addition to a negative test for the corona virus, it will also be necessary to be vaccinated

The second news is less pleasant, since everyone who wants to work in Poland, in addition to the identification code of their country, will need to obtain an identification code of Poland. Also, at the end of the year, everyone will be required to fill out a tax return and submit it for inspection in the tax Poland. In this way, it will be easier to calculate the income of seasonal workers and keep track of their number and tax payments. But in this news, besides paying taxes in Poland at a rate of 18% on salaries up to 4.000 euros, there is also good news. Now those who paid taxes will be able to receive a refund of part of the tax payments at the end of the year. Also, such workers will be able to receive a pension in Poland after retirement. Retirement for men at 65 and for women at 60. Also, according to the plan, this innovation will help solve problems with medical care and education. From a practical point of view, such workers eventually become Poles with all the pros and cons of Polish tax legislation.

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