More and more labor migrants go to Ukraine

A couple of years ago in Ukraine there was a tendency of an outflow of citizens to work in Europe, but now everything is happening the other way around, the trend has gone in the opposite direction. Now, labor migrants from other different countries, especially from Asia, come to the places that have become vacant in Ukraine.

One of the striking examples is a 26-year-old foreigner from Turkmenistan, now Novruza Allayarov comes to Ukraine for the second time. The first time he visited the country in 2013, when he studied at the Kharkov Automobile and Road University, after which he left for his homeland, and returned in 2020 to Kiev, where he could not enter the university and went to work as a courier for the Rocket delivery service.

As a foreigner says, he works about 10 hours and his monthly salary is about 50 thousand hryvnia, which is equivalent to 2 thousand dollars. As Allayarov says. – It’s good money. And I like Ukraine: a good climate, the opportunity to freely do business. “

The minimum wage at home is $ 270 monthly, or UAH 7.3 thousand.

There are more and more such workers from abroad, like Allayarov in Ukraine. The largest number of labor migrants come to large cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro. Most often, they work in taxis or delivery services – they do not require special documents from them, but the salary plan allows them to live at a good level in Ukraine, as well as help their families at home.

Recently, more and more labor migrants come to Ukraine, this is due to several facts.

 The first is that many Ukrainians leave for work abroad, in which case there is a shortage of personnel on the territory of Ukraine, which is what foreign labor immigrants use. Also an important reason is the location of Ukraine, the country is located in the center of Europe, which allows you not to spend a lot of money and time to get there. Another fact is that Ukraine is a very good country in terms of price and quality of life, for $ 500 a month in Ukraine it is possible to rent an apartment, eat well and have fun, which is quite difficult to do for a similar amount in European countries.

In conclusion, I want to say that when choosing a country, be sure to consult with experts who will tell you all the pros and cons, thereby saving you from wrong decisions and false dreams. You can contact both our specialists and others, the main thing is to clearly understand the reason for the move, the budget for the first time and the purpose for which you are moving.



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