Moldovan citizenship for investment

Today a new European program on registration of citizenship for investments in Moldova has appeared.

The main applicant must be over 18 and make a non-refundable contribution to the State Investment Fund.

The following options are available (minimum amounts indicated):

  • 100,000 euros for one applicant.
  • 115,000 euros for a couple.
  • 145,000 euros for a family of four.
  • 155,000 euros for a family of five or more people.

In addition, you need to pay state fees in the following amount: 5,000 euros for the main applicant, 2,500 euros for the spouse, 1,000 euros for each child aged 0-15 years, 2,500 euros for a dependent child aged 16 years up to 29 years, as well as 5,000 euros for the dependent parent of the main applicant or spouse 55 years of age and older.

The due diligence fee is 6,000 euros for the main applicant and 5,000 euros for the spouse, dependent children over 16 years of age and / or dependent parents. The cost of biometric passport fees is 300 euros per person.

The main advantages of the program:

Visa free access to 122 destinations worldwide, including Russia, Turkey and countries in the Schengen zone in Europe.

Citizenship in a European country with an open culture, continental climate and fascinating landscapes.

Reasonable amount of subsidized contribution and highly efficient processing of applications.

Full citizenship for the applicant and family members.

Allowed children under the age of 29 and parents (of both the main applicant and the spouse) aged 55 and over are allowed to participate.

Citizenship can be transferred to future children and other members of future generations without restriction and at no extra charge.

Citizenship in a state that has entered into an association agreement with the EU and aims to become a member state of the European Union.

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