Migration Statistics


The number of migrants has doubled since 2000; today, according to UN migration statistics, there are already about 260 million migrants.

 In 20 years, the number of migrants has increased by almost 50% and even exceeded the growth of the world population, which is 23%. Most likely, this demographic trend and climate change will continue in the future. The good news is that most of the total number of migrants moved to other countries legally, that is, in accordance with all laws.

 “Migration is a positive global phenomenon. It stimulates economic growth, helps reduce inequality and strengthen ties between different communities, and helps overcome demographic problems caused by uneven growth and population decline. However, migration is also a cause of increased political tension and leads to human tragedy, ”said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, presenting his report on migration.

Migrants help their families and contribute to the economies of countries

 In 2017, the amount of remittances in the world amounted to 596 billion dollars, of which 450 billion are sent to developing countries. Statistics show that migrant remittances are 3 times higher than official development assistance

Also, migrants often work in jobs that the local population does not want. This leads to the growth of the economy thereby creating jobs. Also, those migrants who come are quite young, so their average age is less than that of the indigenous population.

 “Most migrants live and work in other countries legally. But many are abroad illegally, they are deprived of all rights and cannot make a proper contribution to development. Some migrants have to take huge risks to get to other countries, but there they face discrimination and abuse, ”the UN Secretary-General emphasizes.

The best way to end the fight against illegal migrants is to secure legal migration routes. This approach, according to Guterres, will help in the fight against smugglers and the work of foreigners.



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