Migration legislation is becoming tougher

Migration legislation is becoming tougher.

Now it is more difficult to apply for a residence permit. Many foreigners with a visa-free entry procedure have lost this opportunity and they need to leave Ukraine and wait up to 4 months outside of Ukraine.

So, from 01.06.2018 documents for registration of a temporary residence permit are submitted not later than 15 working days before the end of the established period of stay in Ukraine.

We remind you that foreigners who legally arrived in Ukraine can temporarily stay on its territory:

1) provided for a visa authorization within the period of validity of the visa in the case of entry of persons without citizenship and foreigners who are citizens of countries with a visa to enter the order if other term is not defined by international treaties of Ukraine;

2) no more than 90 days within 180 days upon entry of foreigners who are citizens of countries with visa-free entry, if other term is not defined by international treaties of Ukraine.

Calculations allowed to a foreigner who is a national of a visa-free entry (hereinafter – the foreigner), the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine executed by the officials of the State Border Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – the State Border Service) and the State Migration Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – SMS), within the scope of certain legislation of Ukraine.

During his stay on the territory of Ukraine of calculating the permitted period of stay the foreigner is carried out by officials of SMS deductions 180 days ago, with control of the day (the day on which you want to determine the legality of the stay of a foreigner in Ukraine). The foreigner did not violate this deadline, if within this 180-day period he stayed on the territory of Ukraine for not more than 90 days.

The Immigration Law Office was established in 2007. It provides assistance to foreign clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnipro (DP), Lviv (LV), Kharkiv (KH), Lugansk (LG) and Donetsk (DN) regions, Crimea (KR) and others regions of Ukraine.

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