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Before addressing this issue, it is necessary to understand exactly what is hidden under the term “marriage”. Officially adopted in our country, the definition tells us that this is a certain kind of relationship, Union, concluded between a man and a woman, registered by the authorized bodies of Executive power. In this case, we are talking about the Rass authorized to perform marriages, not only among citizens of Ukraine or foreigners or persons without in this time of certain nationalities.

For marriage, the person concerned must meet the following criteria:

At the time of marriage to reach eighteen years of age. At the same time, there are a large number of exceptions that allow you to do this two years earlier, that is, at sixteen. To do this, you just need to get the appropriate court order.
Persons who marry must not be bound to other persons who do not participate in a particular procedure.

Marriage should not be hindered by anything. For example, registration will be refused if the spouses are going to become siblings, relatives in a straight line. It should also be noted that the adoptive parent can not marry an adopted person.

It is important to clarify that compliance with all these conditions is mandatory, confirmed by the registration of certain documents, accompanying registration. With regard to direct marriage to an alien, he allowed him to obtain a fully legal residence permit for up to two calendar years. If the marriage bond will continue after the end of this period, the foreigner will be entitled to a longer residence in the territory of our country.

Thus such person is obliged to provide the following package of documents:

Passport, which indicates the fact of legal stay in Ukraine. At the same time, it is necessary to remember the need to take into account the peculiarities of the border crossing with a particular state. I mean, does it require a visa.
A document confirming that the foreigner is not currently married in his / her country. It must be issued by the country whose nationality the foreigner holds.

Any document issued by foreign authorities must be provided in the original and translated into Ukrainian version. This requirement is due to the need to accurately interpret the information contained in the documents.

Procedure for registration of marriage with a foreigner

In order to fully go through the procedure under consideration, it is necessary to take a completely fixed set of steps, which should eventually lead to the desired result.

The sequence of actions, according to the current legislation in Ukraine, will look as follows:

Individual who plans to become a married couple must personally apply to the civil registry office statements prepared in accordance with the state standard. The party claimant is entitled to choose a proper registry office without reference to the place of residence and other factors. At the same time, if the future spouse-foreigner can not participate in the submission of documents, his signature must be certified by a notary, and the relevant application is submitted by an authorized representative, chosen voluntarily.

After the public authorities of the rags check and accept applications, their representative introduces applicants to their rights and obligations, as well as tells about the current procedure of marriage. Spouses may also obtain any necessary information regarding the future procedure. This will help to get rid of a number of possible difficulties, because all possible nuances will be taken into account.

The representative of the rags is obliged to notify the persons who submitted the application, that they can pre-undergo a medical examination, designed to establish the current state of health. The fact of consent, or refusal, is recorded in a special form of the act record and transferred to the archive.

After that, by mutual agreement of the parties, a specific day is appointed, on which the wedding is scheduled. In this case, the registration of marriage with a foreigner is carried out on a common basis within one month, or more, provided that there are proven valid reasons.

The registration of the marriage itself may be carried out exclusively in the presence of all the parties who have applied.

Based on all the above, we can draw a logical conclusion that the registration of marriage between a foreigner and a person with Ukrainian citizenship is carried out completely on a common basis, without any differences.

Possible difficulties

At the same time, the process of collecting and submitting the required set of documentation becomes a bit more complicated. It requires a lot of attention to detail, and therefore, in order to guarantee the desired result, it is better to immediately contact a specialist. This will allow you to lose a large number of worries, as well as save a huge amount of time.

An important caveat is that all submitted to the civil registry documents must first get to the legalization. Literally it means recognition of the document in the territory of Ukraine. Without this, it is simply impossible to continue marriage with sufficient legal grounds.

In addition, it should be noted that the documents provided are not always recognized as valid. Even a minor mistake, or a minor inaccuracy, can put an end to the plans for early marriage on a common basis. Just in order to avoid such a development and you need to turn to a qualified specialist who is able to take on all the costs and main difficulties.

How is marriage abroad

Having considered the situation when marriage with a foreigner is on the territory of Ukraine, it is impossible to pass by the variant of the development of events when a citizen of our country enters into marriage relations abroad. This procedure requires compliance with a certain sequence of actions, as well as taking into account a very specific set of nuances. First of all, the experts recommend that all related documentation be collected with the greatest possible care.

We are talking about a passport, birth certificate (for some countries it is critically important), an actual certificate of marital status, and so on. In particular, a certificate of completion of divorce proceedings in Ukraine may be requested.

Of course, it will not be possible to do without translation of each document into the language, which is the title language in a particular country. Also, if the state is included in the list of signatories to the Hague Convention, the main indicator of the recognition of your documents will be a special apostille affixed to them. At the same time for registration of marriage it is enough to issue departure on the most ordinary tourist visa. This is very convenient, as it does not require excessive effort and saves a lot of time, provided that your case will be dealt with by a real professional.

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