Lawyer for foreigners in Kyiv.

Lawyer for foreigners in Kyiv. Highly qualified immigration lawyer.

If you are planning to visit Ukraine not only for tourist purposes but are also thinking about staying to live in Ukraine, then, the office of the company is located in the very center of Kyiv (Kyiv, Khreshchatyk str. 44, off. 202), the specialists of this company will provide you with a full range of legal and advocacy services, as well as help in resolving migration issues. A qualified lawyer will always find the best option for his client, and is just like that.

Foreigners will be able to get advice and legal assistance in such matters:

How to draw up and obtain documents for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship on the following grounds:

  • obtaining citizenship upon birth on the territory of Ukraine;
  • obtaining citizenship by territorial origin;
  • acceptance into the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • restoration of citizenship of Ukraine;
  • obtaining citizenship by children as a result of adoption by citizens of Ukraine;
  • obtaining citizenship due to the establishment of custody or guardianship over a child, placement of a child in a child care or health care institution, in a family-type orphanage or foster family or placement in a foster family in Ukraine;
  • obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine by a person recognized by the court as incapable as a result of the establishment of the guardianship of a citizen of Ukraine over him;
  • obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine by a child due to the stay in the citizenship of Ukraine of her parents or one of them;
  • obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine due to the recognition of paternity or maternity, or the establishment of the fact of paternity or maternity.
  • Registration and receipt of a certificate of registration of a person as a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Obtaining a temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Extension of the period of stay in Ukraine.
  • Obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit.
  • Obtaining an immigration permit.
  • Registration of a residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons who immigrated to Ukraine for permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Registration and receipt of invitations to foreigners and stateless persons to obtain visa documents for entry into Ukraine at the request of individuals and at the request of legal entities.
  • Obtaining a certificate of a stateless person to travel abroad.
  • Conclusion of marriage between a foreigner and a citizen of Ukraine.
  • And, also, we will answer many other questions that have arisen in the process of communication with the migration service or other authorities of Ukraine.

In addition, specialists provide consultations in Kyiv, as well as to conduct them online around the world. Experts provide practical assistance on issues that arise in the practice of applying the legislation of Ukraine, including when organizing a business on the territory of Ukraine, help in matters of interaction with state bodies in Ukraine, accompany transactions, and assist in all problem situations, thereby helping the client to prevent mistakes.

The Immigration Law Office was established in 2007. It provides assistance to foreign clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnipro (DP), Lviv (LV), Kharkiv (KH), Lugansk (LG) and Donetsk (DN) regions, Crimea (KR) and others regions of Ukraine.

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