Land market opening in Ukraine

For a long time, discussions about the land market have been sharpening in Ukraine. Many in the world know that Ukrainian black soil is the best for growing crops. Even during the Second World War, the Germans exported Ukrainian black soil on trains to Germany to have the same yields and quality.

From the very beginning of Ukraine’s independence, discussions have been sharpening regarding the opening of the land market. The opening of the land market means that anyone can buy land in Ukraine. The fear is that the land may end up in several hands of people who will become monopolists and will control and use most of the land.

But this bill was lobbied in connection with this, on July 1, 2021, the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land was officially canceled in Ukraine.

There are several rules regarding the purchase of land, one of them is that only individuals can buy agricultural land until 2024, and after 2024, legal entities will also be able to. The exact date of permission for the purchase of land by legal entities has not yet been approved. Regarding legal entities, the rules also apply. So, this subject must be created and registered under the legislation of Ukraine, and the participants in such an idea can be either citizen of Ukraine or territorial communities. Also, a nationwide referendum will be held in Ukraine, before it is held, foreigners cannot buy land on the territory of Ukraine. The rules also apply that more than 100 hectares of land cannot be sold on one hand until 2024, after 2024 this figure will rise to 10,000 hectares of land.

Documents that will be required when concluding a land purchase and sale transaction:

  • Passport and identification code of the seller and the buyer;
  • A document that confirms the ownership of this plot of land, as well as an extract from the register of owners;
  • Extract from the state land cadastre
  • Report on the expert appraisal of the land plot

If you have all the documents, you can, with the help of a public or private notary, carry out the sale and purchase of this land plot.

We would also like to remind and advise that a good lawyer will at times ease all the headaches with the purchase of land in Ukraine.

Therefore, do not neglect the help of a specialist, because she can help not only save you headaches but also save your money.

Our experts are always happy to help you not only with the acquisition of land but also with the construction, expansion of your business.

Good luck to the team of highly professional United International Partners lawyers.

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