In the capital’s airports, border guards carry out the action “Give a smile on the border!”

Border guards separate checkpoint “Kyiv” in the capital’s international airport “Kiev” and “Borispol” throughout the day to welcome the traveling women on International Women’s Day. This action is one-time and is only held today, on March 8.

All women who on this festive day following through the state border of Ukraine accept greeting cards from the Ukrainian frontier guards. It is worth noting that even young and very young ladies, accompanied by their parents, receive greeting cards.

The guards of the border happily manage to give a good mood to the beautiful half of humanity at the first outpost of the country, at the checkpoint.

In turn, the women of Ukraine, the EU and other countries sincerely thanked for such pleasure and admitted that it was very pleasant and unexpected for them to receive congratulations right on the airport territory.

The action “Give a smile on the border” was not only an interesting surprise for travelers, but it also gave smiles and a good mood to all women on this beautiful holiday, March 8!

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