In an Asian country with no knowledge of consumer rights.

People are always fighting for their rights. Human rights are an integral part of life. In addition to standard rights such as food, water, a roof over their heads, people have many other rights in the course of their activities. So, going to the store, you have the right to buy the product, and the seller has the right to sell this product. But if you want to return what you bought, it may not work out for you, or you still have to fight for your rights.

So, in Asian countries, many residents do not even have an idea, for example, about consumer rights (the example was given above). In many Asian countries, consumer rights will depend on the seller. So, if you bought something, then you can return it only if your seller is just a nice person and agrees to take it back. If you turn to the legislation, you will see that in this situation the law does not protect you.

In European countries, there is a different trend. It took shape for many centuries, thanks to more than one revolution, the overthrow of the monarchy and dictatorship. In the end, the Europeans chose their rights from the political elite. For example, in Ukraine, according to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, you can change the product within 14 days from the date of purchase if you do not like the color or design. And if the product was at a discount, but the seller refuses to sell you this product for the price indicated on the window, then he violates your rights. In this case, you can contact the state consumer service with a complaint, and this service will soon come with a check to such an unscrupulous seller.

Countries such as Pakistan, India, and Arab countries may withhold some of the money from you. For example, you have used some kind of kitchen appliance (microwave oven) for 10 days, and you did not like this appliance. In this case, coming to the store for a refund. The store will inform you that it will be able to return the funds to you according to the assessment of this product as used (after all, you used it for 10 days), and they will also sell it in the form in which you brought it back.

These examples clearly show the difference between Europe and Asia, both in the security of a person and concerning this person. This contrast encourages people to immigrate, and many simply to flee from their countries.

So everyone remembers the stories of immigrants in 2010-2014 who arrived in Europe, and many countries provided them with social assistance, work, and rights. These examples are followed by many and are trying to leave where they will be protected. So in Africa, there is a small enclave of Spain – Ceuta, where everyone is trying to get. People climb over the fence, live for months at the border. In the evening in this region, it is better not to go out on the street, because fights begin between the police and those who want to escape, cross the border.

If you also thought about moving, then our company can help you do it safely and efficiently. We help our clients to come to Ukraine, and then, if they wish, they can cross the border with Europe.

Why Ukraine?

Prices in Ukraine are 30-40% lower than in Europe. When choosing a country to move to, this difference is of great importance. Also, the Ukrainian border passes with such European countries as Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland.

Our team will always be happy to help you. You can find more information about Ukraine and opportunities in Ukraine on our website.

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