How to right rent or to rent house and apartment


Apartment for rent in Ukraine

As of today, contracts for hiring or renting real estate are becoming unusually in demand. Experienced participants of the industry market are surprised to note that such an agreement has a completely understandable economic benefit, which makes it possible to be so in demand. Especially this benefit becomes obvious, if we compare it with transactions aimed at similar contracts for the sale of land. It should be noted that there is a completely separate legislative act, within the framework of which the relationship between the lessor and the employer is regulated.

Peculiarities of registration

It is possible to allocate a lot of equally important nuances, which must be taken into account when drawing up a lease agreement for a foreigner in Ukraine.

Here are the most important of them:

The document must necessarily be drafted in writing, otherwise it can not be considered valid.

It must include a certain list of information about participants in the transaction. At a minimum, this concerns their passport data.

Also in the contract should be reflected information about the property in question. In particular, all existing identification features of the house or of the land plot are indicated. Particular attention should be paid to the provision of documentation that establishes certain rights to property.

The document clearly spells out the most optimal payment procedure, with the help of which the transaction will be formalized. Also, the document specifies the exact amount of payment and the date of its payment.

It is important to note that the lease contract must necessarily pass the procedure of state registration, if it prescribes the taking of real estate for a period of more than one calendar year, that is twelve months. Of course, if this period does not exceed this mark, then no registration is required.

Together with the documentation on hiring, experts recommend puzzling the issuance of a special act, which prescribes the fact of the transfer of the property to another person for temporary use. It may prescribe penalties that threaten the parties to the contract in the event of failure to fulfill their obligations.

Important points when drafting a contract

This section can be divided into two identical parts, devoting one of them to the lessee, and the other to the lessor.

Data for the landlord

It is extremely necessary to understand that all proceeds from the rental of real estate come under the concept of income. Because of this, each landlord, according to the current legislation, must provide for tax deductions from the profits. At the same time, the amount of payments can vary considerably, depending on the characteristics of each particular situation. In the event that the lessor acts as a simple citizen, then he is obliged to pay monthly 13 percent of each payment received. Of course, this indicator is directly dependent on the chosen system of taxation.

Information for the lessee

Before signing an already signed contract of employment, it is necessary to first ascertain very important information. In particular, you need to accurately understand the number of owners of the selected property. This is very important, because if the property has several owners at once, then all of them should take part in signing the contract, otherwise it will not have any legal grounds. To find out the truth in this matter, it is enough just to get acquainted with the documentation confirming the ownership of the given property. It would seem that this is a fairly simple nuance, but a huge number of people simply forget about it.

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