How to get an inheritance in Ukraine

How to get an inheritance in UkraineHow to get an inheritance in Ukraine

To regulate the process of obtaining an inheritance of an alien, two procedures are envisaged in Ukraine.
The first – implies the distribution of property, material values, assets and obligations of the testator in accordance with the will made by him. It can specify any physical (regardless of kinship) or legal entities.
The second – on the property of the testator can be claimed by his immediate relatives, depending on the degree of kinship the sequence of inheritance is formed.

In this case, the existence of a will does not deprive the relatives of their rights to the property of the testator, even if they are not indicated in it. In such situations, you can either conclude a voluntary agreement on the distribution of property and notarize it, or decide the issue in a civil court.

How to get an inheritance to a foreigner in Ukraine

In order to formalize the inheritance, you must first claim your rights, on the basis of a will or relationship. The law provides for a period of 6 months from the date of death of the testator, it can be increased if there is a valid reason why you did not know about the fact of death or could not claim their rights.

If there are no other heirs or they can agree privately, then documents are prepared to enter the inheritance rights and then are notarized. You can draw up a power of attorney for our name and we will process all the documents from the notary.
In cases where several individuals claim to inherit and they do not agree with its distribution, the only way out of the situation is to go to court. In the framework of civil proceedings, the eligibility of the claims of all participants in the case will be established, the succession of inheritance will be determined and, according to it, a share in the ownership will be determined. Proceed to the registration of property rights will be possible only after the entry into force of a court decision, if it is not appealed in the period established by law.

The outcome of the trial largely depends on the evidence provided. If your interests are represented by an experienced lawyer by inheritance, this will significantly increase the chances of a desired verdict of the court.

Our services

To solve issues related to the inheritance, our legal aid center provides the following services:

  • Writing or changing a will, document registration.
  • Preparation of a package of documents for accession to inheritance rights.
  • Restoring the timing of inheritance, if they were missed for good reason.
  • Registration of property rights to inherited property and tangible assets.
  • Establishment of the fact of kinship relations for determining the order of succession.
  • Establishment of the fact of acceptance of the inheritance.
  • Examination of the will, recognition of the will is invalid.

More information about each of these services you can find in the relevant sections of our website. If you can not decide on the right legal aid option, please contact us for professional advice. We treat each customer appeal individually and help to choose the optimal solution based on a comprehensive assessment of the current situation.

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