How can a foreigner not receive a refusal to legalize documents in Ukraine?


Many have come to grips with the legalization of documents and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is authorized to carry out legalization and pasteurization. Legalization is the commission of certain actions (affixing seals on documents) that give such a document legal force in the territory of the country where these stamps were affixed. There is also an apostille – this is filling out documents on special forms or affixing an apostille stamp on the originals of documents.


 If you have an apostille, then you will not need to contact the Embassy of the country that issued this document for legalization, you can immediately contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to affix the apostille in Ukraine. To submit documents for apostille, you will need to pay a fee of 300 UAH. for urgent (up to 5 days) legalization and UAH 150. for the usual (up to 9 days) for individuals, and 900 UAH. for urgent and 450 UAH. for the usual for legal. The receipt, together with the Apostille Application and the document on which the apostille will be affixed, are sent by Nova Poshta during quarantine.

If the apostille is not affixed, then you will need to go through 2 stages of legalization, which are described below.

What is legalization and reasons for refusal?

To legalize documents, including those that were received at the embassy of your country on the territory of Ukraine, you will need to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, namely in Kyiv, st. Velyka Zhytomyrska 2. Documents and the Application for Legalization, which you can download here during the quarantine period, are sent only by new mail. If you represent interests, then you will need to attach a power of attorney in the original to the Application for Ligation (the power of attorney together with the legalized documents will be sent back to you by mail) and a receipt for payment of the fee, for urgent legalization, which will need to pay 300 UAH for up to 5 days. , for the usual, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, documents will be sent on 5-6 working days, but you will have them on 8-9 days, you need to pay UAH 150. From experience, I will say that all lines are not accurate, and on average are delayed by 2- 3 days. These prices are indicated for individuals, if you are a legal entity, then pay UAH 900 for urgent legalization and UAH 450 for the standard one.

We also want to remind you that foreign documents, for example, a police certificate, if not apostilled, must first be legalized at the Embassy of the country that issued such a document, this procedure takes up to 3 days, and then submitted for legalization to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Requisites for payment of apostille or legalization: Treasury of Ukraine / м.Київ / 22060000; Code for ЄDRPOU: 3756764; Account No.UA568999980313010067000028001; and indicate in the appointment: money for consular actions and code 067.
  • Send to the name: Anna Ivanovna’s sock and indicate the number +38 044 238 18 15.
  • If you are sending documents for apostille, then you should send the original of the document and a receipt with payment.
  • If you send documents for legalization, and send them as a representative, you will also need to send the original power of attorney with an Application for legalization and a receipt confirming payment.
  • On the reverse side of both the Application for legalization and the Application for fossilization, you must indicate the name, surname, and patronymic, to which branch of the new post office you want to receive documents, and your contact number.

* When you legalize documents in the issuing state and do so in the interests of a third party, you will need to provide a power of attorney in 2 languages: English and Ukrainian.

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