Grounds for prohibiting entry to Ukraine

Grounds for prohibition

Entry to Ukraine foreigner is not allowed:

  • in the interests of ensuring national security of Ukraine or the protection of public order;
  • if this is necessary to protect health, protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine and other persons residing in Ukraine;
  • if at the request for entry into Ukraine such person has submitted false information or forged documents about himself;
  • if his passport document, the visa is forged, spoiled or does not meet the established pattern or belong to another person;
  • if he violated the rules of crossing the state border of Ukraine, customs rules, sanitary norms or rules at the checkpoint across the state border of Ukraine, or did not comply with the lawful requirements of officials and officials of state border guard agencies, revenue bodies and other bodies exercising control at the state border ; {the norm is introduced in accordance with the Law No. 406-VII of 04.07.2013}
  • if during the previous stay in Ukraine the foreigner failed to comply with the decision of the court or public authorities authorized to impose administrative penalties or has other property obligations not fulfilled to the state, natural or legal persons, including those related to the previous expulsion, including upon the expiry of the term prohibition of further entry into Ukraine;
  • if it violated the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine, entered the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine or in the area of ​​carrying out an anti-terrorist operation or left them or attempted to enter these territories outside control points of entry and exit {the norm was introduced in accordance with Law No. 1207-VII of 15.04. 2014; in the wording of Law No. 2293-VIII of February 27, 2018}

Data entry into a single database

If there are grounds specified in paragraphs two, seven and eight of part one of this article, information about the foreigner is entered into the database of persons who, according to the legislation of Ukraine, are not permitted to enter Ukraine or temporarily restricted the right to leave Ukraine. {the norm is introduced in accordance with the Law No. 1207-VII of 15.04.2014}


The decision to ban entry to Ukraine for a period of three years is adopted:

  • the central organization of executive power that ensures the implementation of state policy in the field of migration (State Migration Service of Ukraine)
  • Security Service of Ukraine,
  • organization of state border protection (Border Guard Service of Ukraine).

In case of non-fulfillment of the decision on prohibition of entry to Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons are prohibited from entering Ukraine for ten years, adding parts of the ban on entry to Ukraine, has not expired by the time of the re-decision to ban the congress in Ukraine. {the norm is introduced in accordance with the Law No. 2293-VIII of February 27, 2013}


If an entry ban is applied to you, then this decision can be appealed in administrative or judicial order.

The time for appealing is short, so do not delay with this process.

To appeal and cancel the ban, call:


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