Grounds for loss of citizenship of Ukraine

Grounds for loss of citizenship are:

1) voluntary acquisition of citizen of Ukraine citizenship of another state, if at the time of such acquisition he reached adulthood.

Voluntary acquisition of citizenship of another state are considered all cases when a citizen of Ukraine for the acquisition of citizenship another state had to apply or petition for this finding according to the order established by the national the law of the state whose citizenship is acquired.

 Not considered to be voluntary acquisition of another nationality such cases:

  • simultaneous acquisition of a child by birth citizenship Of Ukraine and the citizenship of another state or States;the acquisition by a child who is a citizen of Ukraine citizenship their adoptive parents because of her adoption by foreigners;
  • automatic acquisition of a citizen of Ukraine other citizenship due to marriage with foreigner;
  • automatic acquisition of a citizen of Ukraine who has attained of age, of another nationality due to the use of legislation about the citizenship of a foreign state, if such a citizen of Ukraine had not received the document confirming availability his citizenship of another state;

2) the acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine on the basis of article 9 this Act as a result of deception, the deliberate submission of false information or forged documents;

3) voluntary entry into military service of another state, which accordingly, the law of that state is not a military charge or alternative (civilian) service.

The provisions of paragraphs 1, 3 of part one of this article does not apply if as a consequence, the citizen of Ukraine will be a stateless person.

The date of termination of the citizenship of Ukraine in cases provided this article, is the date of publication of the relevant decree The President Of Ukraine.

The decision on registration of acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine revoked if the person acquired citizenship of Ukraine respectively articles 8 and 10 of this Act by means of deception, due to the introduction of deliberately false information or forged documents, concealment of any significant fact at presence of which the person cannot acquire the citizenship of Ukraine.

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