Export of sunflower oil from Ukraine

Recently, more and more customers come to us with an idea regarding the export of sunflower oil. We help our customers to establish logistics, check contractors for integrity, and documents for product certainty, establish systematic deliveries and the business of exporting sunflower oil. In the end, our client gets a ready-made company that brings profit to its owner.

Such excitement around sunflower oil does not surprise us at all, because Ukraine is known all over the world for its vast fields, where any culture gives a wonderful harvest. That is why Ukraine is the largest exporter and producer of sunflower oil in the world.

According to the results of 2020, Ukraine ranks 1st in the ranking of the largest exporters of sunflower oil in the world. The main importers of this product are: India (31% of Ukrainian exports), China (20%) and the Netherlands (10%).

In each of these markets in 2020, Ukrainian suppliers occupied a leading position. The structure of imports of sunflower oil in terms of major supplier countries is as follows: India: Ukraine (75%), the Russian Federation (18%), Argentina (7%); China: Ukraine (59%), the Russian Federation (38%), Kazakhstan (2%); The Netherlands: Ukraine (87%), Hungary (4%), Spain (2%).

This was reported by Infoindustriya with reference to the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business in Ukraine.

Ukraine is not only the largest exporter of sunflower oil, but also the world’s largest producer of this product, which occupies a significant share in the export portfolio. According to the results of 2020, the share of sunflower oil was 11% of export revenue.

There are countries in the world whose export portfolio is based on black gold – oil, such as the Russian Federation, and Ukraine uses its potential due to its land, which is the most fertile in the world. The numbers speak for themselves, because if there was no demand there would be no such supply. Ukrainian sunflower oil is in great demand both in Europe and in Asia.

If you are going to create a business that will bring you profit, contact our office in Kyiv, and we will show you how to build a good business not only in words but also in practice.

We have many years of experience in exporting sunflower oil, eggs and other products around the world. When creating a product there are many questions, and we will answer all your questions.

Our products, which for many years bring profit to the customer.

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