Europe reopens borders to tourists with vaccination passports

The realities of 2020-2021 are deeply disappointing for many. If before no one was chained to one place, but was constantly on the move, now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many have become prisoners of their homes. Most countries have closed their borders to tourists to protect citizens, many businesses have gone online because it can save on rental bills, etc., as well as protect themselves from COVID-19, so most of the productive time many people began to spend at home. We want to say that you can not be upset and think about future trips, because in July, in Ukraine, there will be a Vaccination Passport, which will allow you to visit many countries without any restrictions. At the moment, when entering many countries, there are even rules that if a person has a coronavirus in the last 6 months or has done all the vaccination against Covid-19, in which case he or she may not take PCR tests, and show documents confirming this fact and go abroad.

What is a Vaccination Passport or as it is called a “Green Certificate”?

The vaccination passport in the European Union has been called “Digital Green Certificates”. They will be free and available in digital or paper format. The information in such certificates will be duplicated in English and the official language of the issuing country. The certificate must have a barcode, date, and place of vaccination, type of vaccine, etc.

Formally, the documents will be of three types: about vaccination against coronavirus, that the holder of the certificate has already contracted COVID-19, and about the presence of a negative coronavirus test.

The certificate will be issued to people who have been vaccinated with vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency – ie Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

* It will be recalled that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be given to all people who come to Poland for work, vaccination with this vaccine requires only 1 dose, which provides a faster effect.

When will passport data appear in Ukraine?

According to the Ministry of Health, this passport will be launched on July 1, 2021. This certificate will be issued after the person has received all doses of vaccination. This document will be valid for one year, and after 1 year it will be possible to extend it.

We, in turn, wish you not to get sick, as well as to check the situation in the country you are flying to. Just as vacation time is starting now, don’t forget to download the app that will track your self-isolation in Ukraine upon your return.

Similarly, for the convenience of arrival, UIA provides the opportunity to take a PCR test immediately at the airport.


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