Electronic Visa to Ukraine for Indian citizens

Each country is located in a specific part of the world, and citizens of different countries have a different range of opportunities. So, for example, Israeli citizens with a passport called “Dragon” can enter 161 countries without visas or by applying for a visa upon arrival. This significantly improves the quality of travel and the speed of travel preparation.

Ukraine is also trying to make travel easier both for its citizens, who can enter the European Union without a visa, and for tourists. A striking example of such efforts can be an electronic visa that is introduced for citizens of many countries who enter Ukraine. The number of such countries has 52 members, and they include: Singapore, Peru, Dominican Republic, Maldives and many others.

From August 14, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine begins the centralized processing of Ukrainian electronic visas (e-Visas) for Indian citizens.

The Ukrainian e-Visa is issued for trips to Ukraine, a country with a business, private, tourist purpose, for treatment, activities in the field of culture, science, education, sports, as well as representatives of foreign media.

To apply for an electronic visa, you must:

Stage 1: Register on the MFA web platform https://evisa.mfa.gov.ua/.

Stage 2: Fill in the application form online, upload a photo and scanned copies of documents (passport, invitation or other documents on the basis of which you want to obtain a visa), pay the consular fee with a bank card;

Stage 3: Receive a ready-made e-Visa by e-mail (sent in pdf format).

Stage 4: To enter Ukraine, you need to print the received e-Visa and present it together with the passport to the border authorities of Ukraine at the checkpoints across the state border.

Benefits of an e-Visa:

remote submission of documents at any convenient time

obtaining an electronic visa without visiting a consular office

the ability to track the online status of an e-visa

centralized registration of all e-Visas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

constant information support for applicants: evisa@mfa.gov.ua

At the same time, the standard procedure for issuing Ukrainian visas in foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine also remains in force for Indian citizens.

If you want to stay in Ukraine for a longer period, you can contact our specialists, who will provide you with advice on immigration, residence permits and other services. We also provide services for meeting at the airport and selecting a travel program for visiting Ukraine.

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