From 2020, it will be easier to go to work in Germany

From 2020, it will be easier to go to work in Germany

From 2020, it will be easier for Ukrainians to go to work in Germany: new rules

Since 2020, Germany will open the labor market, which will allow people outside the European Union to work legally in it, including Ukrainians, Russians, Indians, Arabs, Turks and others.

Real estate investment in Germany:

The parliament did not consider the law for long. The government in Germany is unstable, but even if the coalition falls apart, the law has already been passed. Formally, representatives of the federal states should still accept it.

Enough vocational school diploma

In addition, if earlier this category of workers was required to have a higher education, now it is now possible to hire specialists with vocational education.

Two requirements for candidates

The relevant law has already been supported in parliament. However, in order to legally find a job in Germany, applicants will have to fulfill two key requirements.

The reason is the lack of personnel

It should be noted that the shortage of personnel is the biggest problem of the German economy, which German entrepreneurs have long been talking about. They emphasize that Germany is an economically powerful country and its industry is developing rapidly. However, you have to constantly look for new educated people. In addition to everything, demography must be taken into account, because the staff is aging and retiring, and it is difficult to find someone in its place.

Experts have calculated that it will be possible to compensate for the shortage of labor annually if 260 thousand migrants come to Germany annually.

The new law will allow people who do not have an EU passport to go to work. This step of the German authorities is called historical. However, all applicants must confirm their professional education in Germany, and this can be difficult and time consuming.

If a person is a painter, she must have a diploma of an artist, if he is a plasterer, then a diploma of a plasterer, if a plumber, then a diploma of plumber.

Legalization of illegal migrants

Ukrainians who already work illegally in Germany will get a chance to legalize if they prove education and knowledge of the German language.

“Our men work most of all at a construction site, tire service and car mechanics, and women at cleaning. This will allow those people who are working in Germany illegally today to be legalized. But for this they will need, firstly, to leave and go to work visa at the German Embassy in Ukraine. And, of course, the most important thing is language and education, “explains lawyer Alexander Yevsyutin (

Shortage of staff in EU countries – forecast

It is also projected that the population of four Eastern European EU countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) will decrease by 4% by 2040. In absolute terms, this means that together they will lose 2.6 million citizens, and their total population will decrease to 61.2 million people.

Legal assistance to immigrants

The United International Partnership ( helps in the design and legalization of Ukrainians in Germany.

If you want to have a pension in Germany, then apply in accordance with the law.

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