Double citizenship in Ukraine. Is dual citizenship allowed?

Recently, the information space of Ukraine was pierced by the statement of the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, oligarch Igor Kolomoisky that the Ukrainian Constitution “dual citizenship is prohibited, but triple is not prohibited.” In this way, he once again showed how much he “respects” the laws of his own country. At the same time, he somewhat misled the ordinary inhabitants of his state.

What’s the matter? When posing the question “is there dual citizenship in Ukraine?” In fact, the question is not so much unambiguous as it may seem. If in Russia it is clear and understandable on state. They explained to the level and through the media that you can hold a second, third and tenth passport, even if you are just a Russian on the territory of the country and are obliged to write about your second citizenship (third, tenth, as well as all the status of residence permit and permanent residence) in the Federal Migration Service, then Ukraine does not have such clarity.

The fact is that the Constitution of Ukraine is somewhat contrary to itself: in one article it is clearly stated that only one citizenship is recognized on the territory of the country, it is common for the whole state. In other words, it seems like dual citizenship is a violation.

But there are collisions that allow you to go through the cracks. For example, according to existing rules, upon receipt of a new passport on a voluntary basis and after 18 years, a citizen of Ukraine loses his native document. But, at the same time, in order for the refusal procedure to be carried out, an application or petition must be filed in the form that new citizenship was acquired.

But another controversial point is layered on top: the exit from the citizenship of Ukraine will be fulfilled if obtaining a new citizenship is accompanied by an official paper stating that the person received new citizenship, while refusing the Ukrainian passport. It turns out that there is an alternative to renouncing a second citizenship – at one’s, so to speak, discretion.

And here there are wide opportunities that many residents of Ukraine use, and starting from the highest “floors”.

Moreover, according to Radio Liberty, these same “upper floors”, i.e. people in power just do not have the right to hold second passports and can even be removed from their posts (according to article 9). However, as the real situation shows, the authorities openly do not care about this rule. Kolomoisky directly reporters declares the presence of Israeli and Cypriot citizenship. There is also information about the second citizenship of such celebrities as the mayor of Kiev Vitaliy Klitschko (Germany), the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaichenko (USA) and even the president of All Ukraine Petro Poroshenko himself – the latter, like Kolomoisky, has two citizenships from Switzerland and Israel.

So in essence, dual citizenship in Ukraine is not something prohibited. Among other things, there is even no punishment mechanism for him, although in recent years attempts have been made to introduce such measures at the legislative level. So far they have not been successful, because there are too many in power who have something to lose.

At the moment, the worst thing that can be done with those who have a second citizenship is to deprive the Ukrainian, if someone meticulous enough finds out about it. But since in Ukraine, in addition to punishment, there is no mechanism for declaring a second citizenship, it is officially practically impossible to prove the fact of having citizenship. We add that most countries that support dual citizenship still do not issue certificates to the country of their first citizenship that their citizen has acquired a second citizenship and we will get a situation that is quite accessible to everyone.

So you need to understand: the law of Ukraine ignores and does not welcome second citizenship, although there is no direct prohibition and punishment for possessing it. And if you think that you need a second citizenship, then the following steps should be followed: get a passport where you do not need to renounce your previous citizenship, where you do not send an application for a second citizenship to the country of original citizenship, and you should not screaming about it at every corner.

Mr. Kolomoisky, although confident in his power and cash, but the situation may change at any time and even a second and third passport may not help. If you are interested in a second citizenship as elements of your own security, then you should not share your trump cards.

And there are enough options for obtaining a second citizenship that meet the above criteria. The most convenient and fastest way is to purchase a second citizenship for investment, for example, in Grenada.

This is a small island state that offers its passport for investments in the amount of 250,000 in a project approved by the government (Mt Cinnamon – hotel and luxury complex). The most striking feature of this proposal is that the second citizenship is issued very quickly – only two months. This is the shortest period of time on the entire planet and in investment programs, in particular.

So if you are worried about your own safety or just thinking about wider opportunities for travel, investment and doing business, then you should pay attention to obtaining dual citizenship in Ukraine. At the moment, this is not prohibited, at least for ordinary citizens, although the “not ordinary” people are also not shy about using this tool for their own benefit.

So far, you cannot be punished for dual citizenship in Ukraine, although attempts are being made to somewhat limit the process of obtaining second citizenships, especially because of the Russian Crimea, where everyone wants to receive second passports of Russia and may not declare their second passports until January 1, 2016, unlike the rest of the Russian Federation, where the deadline is October 4.

Any information, and even more so regarding second, dual and other citizenships, should be clarified by specialists who are interested in your success. Our range of offers offers you the opportunity to choose the program for obtaining a second passport or those conditions that are suitable for you.

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