Doing business and immigration to Ukraine


My name is Alexander (, I am an international lawyer 🤝and the founder of the United international Partners (

We provide more than 10 years services for foreigners in Ukraine and specialize in the business trips, migration, investment, business consulting, advocate and protection of business .

Our mission: to provide our clients freedom and help in business

Ukraine is a huge country in the center of Europe that has chosen European development as its vector.
In 2019, a new young President was elected, who began reforms to liberalize regulation for business and especially for foreign ones.
The article about the criminal liability for fictitious entrepreneurship has already been canceled, that is, anyone2 can register a company and for some time not conduct business, for this no one can bring him to criminal responsibility.
In addition, amending an article of the Criminal Code which establishes liability for tax evasion.  Now the amount of tax evasion for which it is possible to prosecute is set at least 3 million griven. This is approximately 120,000 dollars.
And he also understands decisive steps to open a land market, the most favorable land for growing crops and the world, And this is Ukrainian land, which is called chernozem, will soon be on sale.
In addition, on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine near Odessa, such businesses as casinos and other gaming entertainment facilities will be allowed in the near future, which will attract huge amounts of money from all over the world to Ukraine; European Las Vegas is planned to be organized here.
In addition, Ukraine is very rich in natural resources and foreign companies will be able to develop them and also export abroad.
In Ukraine, tourism and very good Nyasha for building various hotels in the Carpathians in Western Ukraine and also on the Black Sea Coast are beginning to develop very much.
Ukraine is a leader in the production of it products and various software products for the leaders of this market.  Well, at the moment, the tax policy for self-employed employees in the world is very acceptable and in the future large companies will be paid minimum taxes while in Ukraine.  And besides, in Ukraine there are a lot of specialists in the field of computer technology who can really work for you for normal, adequate money.
One of the main trends in Ukraine today is the assembly and export to Europe of various electrical equipment mobile phones security systems, consumer electronics and other goods that components can be delivered from China and Vietnam and other Asian countries to collect this in Ukraine under a European brand and sell to Europe and North America.

Today, about 40 million people live and pay pre-paid in Ukraine in Kiev and also in Odessa.  These cities are very upset, people move to the Megapolis respectively. There is a need for vests in commercial real estate for this reason, the acquisition of real estate for the further delivery of its very profitable business in Ukraine.  You can have passive income in stable currency in dollars at about 10% per annum.
Our company has rich experience in assisting foreigners in registering a business as well as creating business processes in Ukraine.

From scratch we created such businesses as:


  • Purchase processing and export from Ukraine of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil.
  • Established contacts with factories and organized the export of eggs from Ukraine to various countries in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Organized a business for international bus transport from Ukraine to Europe, as well as Asian countries.
  • They helped foreigners to open street restaurants, cafes and other service establishments in Ukraine.
  • Acquired commercial real estate for business.
  • They organized the import of foreign products from the UK by Ukraine and the sale of clothing in Ukraine in boutique markets.
  • We acquired a ready-made business in the form of night clubs and casinos, romagated foreigners to organize this business in Ukraine.
If you want to come to Ukraine, then you can use one of our business plan programs to visit Ukraine and certain forums of the business conference to meet agricultural producers or visit production plants and also see real estate. If you intend to purchase commercial properties to start with, to develop your  business.

If you plan to buy a ready-made business, we advise you to conduct a full economic and legal audit of it.