Divorce with a Ukrainian through a court

One of the many services provided by the company in the field of family law is divorce through the court. One of the reasons for divorce can be a family dispute. Also, in the absence of a dispute, but in the presence of a child who has reached adulthood, divorce will have to be through the court.

To initiate this process, the desire of one of the spouses is sufficient. It is also possible to divorce in court by mutual consent of the spouses. Mutual consent for divorce is expressed by filing a statement of claim in court in writing. If, for any valid reason, one of the spouses was not able to appear before the court for the maintenance of claims, then he may file a statement to the court about the consent or objection to the claim through the court office. In the application for divorce it is necessary to present only the authentic facts that really took place.

We offer legal services in the preparation of a claim for divorce, a claim for divorce and child support for maintenance, as well as services for drawing up a statement of claim for the section of jointly acquired property of the spouses. If necessary, specialists of our company are able to represent your interests in court. The fee is charged for each court hearing.

Divorce through a court on application of a spouse is carried out only in situations provided for by the family law of Ukraine:

1. the presence of one or more children under the age of majority;
2. Disagreement of one of the spouses prior to the decision of another – to terminate the marriage.

In this situation, our lawyers will help you to understand, and they will also assist in the preparation of the documents necessary to accelerate the divorce procedure. Since litigation and in-court appeal require certain knowledge in the field of legal proceedings, our company’s specialists can provide your representation in court.

Unfortunately, the most frequent reason for applying for a divorce is different views on the further education of the child, the existence of a dispute over the jointly acquired marital property during marriage, etc. Our lawyers in the field of family law will also be able to protect your interests and property in court related to it professionally.

How is it possible to speed divorce through the court?

We all know perfectly well how long such a simple litigation can last as divorce in court. If you get a court decision three or four months after filing a lawsuit, consider that you are very fortunate.

In order to expedite the divorce process through the court, we recommend the conclusion of a child support agreement. Such agreement must be certified by a notary public. Unfortunately, his commission is possible only with the mutual consent of the spouses. This agreement will serve not only as an accelerating tool, but also for the parties to eliminate the need to levy alimony in court, because in this way the spouses voluntarily determine the amount of money necessary for child retention. However, it should be borne in mind that the monthly amount for the maintenance of a child can not be less than the state minimum for the maintenance of one child. At present, this is not less than 30% of the subsistence minimum of citizens, which is annually approved by the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget”.

Also, if a divorce request was filed together with a divorce, then you can again voluntarily conclude an agreement on the distribution of common property. This agreement is concluded in a notarial form.

If a marriage contract has been entered into before marriage or at the time of marriage, the marriage will also serve as a good tool for speeding up the litigation.

But if the spouses do not want to bear additional costs but agree to resolve all of the aforementioned contractual settlement by peaceful means, this can be done directly in the court session by means of a settlement agreement.

The law firm is ready to provide you with legal assistance in the preparation of claims, contracts, peace agreements, marriage contracts. A professional help provided by our company will help you avoid many mistakes and delays in the litigation process.

Initiation of divorce is necessary only in case of impossibility of preservation of marriage and finding a compromise. With our help you can start a new life!

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