Divorce in Ukraine and abroad.


Divorce of Ukrainian citizens abroad – this is typical cases for our lawyers because we work in this sphere more then 20 years. Lawyers of our firm will divorce Ukrainians abroad, regardless of which country the citizens of Ukraine live in who want to dissolve the marriage.
Nowadays the situation when one of marrieds living abroad and they have a need to dissolve the marriage happens more and more often. Most of them, of course, end their marriage on the territory of Ukraine, in this way they save their time and money. But sometimes life situations happend when there is no way to dissolve a marriage on the territory of Ukraine.
When a marriage is dissolved on the territory of a foreign state, the fact of dissolution must be legalized in Ukraine, and then the question arises of how to do this. In this case, you must contact the Embassy of Ukraine on the territory of a foreign state where you divorced. Thereafter, the authorized consular officer will register the divorce.

As a result, to dissolve your marriage, you will have to do the following steps:

  1. To dissolve the marriage outside of Ukraine;
  2. Submit permission to the nearest consular office;
  3. Pay the consular fee;
  4. Divorce will be legalized within a week;

If one of the spouses lives on the territory of Ukraine and the other on the territory of a foreign state, then in order to legalize the dissolution of the marriage, a decision of the Ukrainian court on the dissolution of the marriage by one of the spouses is required.
The best way to save time and nerves is to contact a professional. The team of highly qualified lawyers of our company is always happy to help

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