COVID-certificates of recovery

The Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Digital Policy and the National Health Service of Ukraine plan to launch a digital certificate of recovery. Now the functionality is in beta testing, in which more than 50 thousand certificates were issued. The official launch of this digital document will be announced on the official portal of the Ministry of Health.

!! We have prepared detailed explanations and algorithms of actions of doctors and patients for the formation of such digital documents and medical records (in the file attached to the letter). Please read carefully. Thank you!

 COVID-certificates of recovery is an electronic document confirming a person’s recovery from coronavirus disease. It will be able to be formed by citizens independently in the mobile application Action. The certificate contains a QR code. Doctors cannot currently issue certificates of recovery.

It is important that the doctor enters the data into the electronic health care system (EHOS) after confirming the patient’s diagnosis of COVID-19, only then will a certificate of recovery be generated.

It will be possible to generate a certificate of recovery through the mobile application Action not earlier than on the 15th day after the doctor confirms the diagnosis and enters the data into the EHR.

The certificate of recovery will be formed only for those whose doctor diagnosed COVID-19 no more than 105 days ago from the start of the functionality of the new certificate and beyond. If you were ill before August 2021 (more than 105 days have passed), the certificate of recovery will not be formed, as it would no longer be valid.

The new certificate will be valid for 90 days from the date when it becomes available for generation, ie on the 15th day after the patient is diagnosed with COVID-19 in the electronic health care system.

However, the Ministry of Health reminds that all those who have relapsed to coronavirus disease, often on the 28th day from the first day of symptoms or laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis of COVID-19 by PCR / SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen can be safely vaccinated

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