Consumer rights. You need to know your rights!

Every person is a consumer. You go to a store to buy groceries – you are a consumer. When you buy a car, you are a consumer. All people are consumers, and the rights of people need to be protected, therefore, the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights is in force in Ukraine. One of the most important articles of this Law that can be useful to everyone is Article 8 “Consumer rights in case of purchasing goods of inappropriate quality.” Many people know the general rule that the goods must be returned within 14 days, this rule is enshrined in article 9 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights.

  The consumer has the right to exchange a non-food product of good quality for a similar one from the seller from whom it was purchased, if the product does not satisfy him in shape, dimensions, style, color, size, or for other reasons cannot be used by him for its intended purpose.

The consumer has the right to exchange goods of good quality within fourteen days, excluding the day of purchase, unless a longer period is announced by the seller.

But we want to remind you that there are goods that cannot be returned, such as jewelry, medicines, and personal hygiene products.

If you want to return the product, and the store tells you that you need a check, we want to say that there is no such provision in the Consumer Rights Protection Law, if you have a bank card statement, you can name the time and date of purchase, and the manager at the cash register finds the transaction. If the store does not have a cash register, then such a store grossly violates the law, because according to the Tax Code of Ukraine, the use of PPO (cash register, fiscal registrar) must be: all stores and online stores in the form of FOP that sell technically complex household goods, medicines and medical goods, jewelry sellers, and organizations that provide paid medical services.

Also in article 20 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, it is stated that if the machine is under warranty for more than 45 days, then, by article 18 of this Law, the seller must pay a penalty to the buyer, but it is determined that the buyer, in this case, it may also present other requirements established, that is, including demanding the return of the product or exchange it for a similar one.

We also want to remind you that if you walked past the window and accidentally hooked on it, the presentation of some product was damaged, then, in this case, none of the store staff can force you to pay for it, let alone take you to the security room and hold there. Feel free to call the police, and talk about moral pressure on you to pay for the goods. Also, no security guard can search you and rummage through your things. Security is a person who keeps order in the store and, in case of conflicts, calls the police or makes a civil arrest if he can justify his actions. Also, if you understand that illegal actions are being taken against you, do not be afraid to take out the camera and shoot everything on video, so you will have an evidence base.

If you think that your rights have been violated, feel free to contact a lawyer who will defend your rights in court, and the violator will be charged a fine, forfeit, moral damage. Our lawyers can help you in this case and protect your rights.

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